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Feb 10, 2017

Ingersoll Rand | Trane grants the Wieland Group its 2016 Innovation & Value Creation Award

As one of six laureates, the Wieland Group was selected out of 13,000 suppliers by Ingersoll Rand for its 2016 Innovation & Value Creation Award.

Proposed by the Trane leadership for Technical Tubes in North America, the award is an appreciation of the close collaboration with R&D for technical innovations, as well as of the high quality and delivery performance for technical and industrial tubes on a global level. Criteria for this award included the delivery of innovative, customer-driven solutions, the expansion into emerging markets and the increase of the service business to drive profitable growth. In 2016, Wieland Thermal Solutions in particular had risen to the occasion and partnered with Ingersoll Rand to help deliver an innovative solution to customers, creating mutual success for both companies. Especially in the HVAC Chiller business, Wieland Thermal Solutions was recognized for continued effort to work hand in hand with Ingersoll Rand Engineering to develop new products to meet a defined customer niche. The award finally honors the willingness consistently demonstrated to invest in the development of innovative products. Wieland Thermal Solutions has a track record for meeting the high expectations for quality and delivery, while launching new product developments into production.

At the award ceremony f.l.t.r.: Xiangjun Yu, Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain, HVAC Transport Solutions, AP & India, Ingersoll Rand; Florian Hudelmaier, Manager Sales & Technical Marketing, Wieland Copper Products, Wheeling; Thomas G. Baker, Chief Exekutive Officer, Wieland Copper Products, Pine Hall and John Evans, VP, Global Procurement, Ingersoll Rand

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Feb 9, 2017

Wieland Thermal Solutions at the ISH 2017: Efficient heating of drinking water and recovery of heat from greywater with the “GEWA-safe” safety tube

ISH, Frankfurt Fair, 14 to 18 March 2017, Hall 6.0, Stand B40

• Efficient heating of drinking water through direct condensation in the heat pump

• Recovery of heat from greywater

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Jan 26, 2017

Wieland-Werke AG at the ISH 2017: copper tubes for the supply of drinking water, heat and cold – hygienic and energy-efficient

  • Cuprotherm underfloor and panel surface heating: new thin-layer system for ultralight structures
  • Drinking water materials according to the legally binding UBA hygiene list
  • Extended range of pre-insulated refrigeration tubes

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Nov 21, 2016

Metal premiums 2017

Through long-term contracts with metal producers and traders operating on a global scale, the Wieland Group ensures a reliable metal supply to its customers.

The current development of the metal markets requires an adjustment of the metal premiums.

For deliveries made from 1 January 2017, the metal premiums will change as follows:

Copper: - 6 US dollars per ton

Zinc: + 10 US dollars per ton

Tin: + 25 US dollars per ton

Nickel: + 25 US dollars per ton

Lead: + 10 US dollars per ton

Aluminium: + 30 US dollars per ton

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Nov 14, 2016

By engineers for engineers – Wieland Thermal Solutions reissues the Heat Transfer Data Books

For many years, the Heat Transfer Engineering Data Books have been a standard reference in thermal engineering. They provide both a comprehensive basic knowledge and detailed insights into heat transfer engineering – a valuable resource for engineers in research and industry as well as for thermal engineering university students.

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