Finned tubes deliver fresh fish

Titanium tubes from Wieland Thermal Solutions keep fish cool

Titanium is an ideal material for finned tubes used in critical applications, especially in brine. This includes fish chiller plants on board trawlers. By the time a fish has been caught, hauled, landed and served at table, it usually has a journey of several weeks behind it. An unbroken cold chain is therefore essential to prevent spoilage. Before transfer to a factory ship for processing, the fish is carried on the trawler which caught it, and traditionally stowed on ice to keep it cool. A much safer and more effective way of keeping fish fresh is chilled seawater.

The chiller unit cools the seawater intake down from up to 28 degrees in tropical regions to about 3 degrees Celsius before the catch arrives, and keeps the fish at this constant temperature pending onward processing.

Chiller units occupy space on board of narrow vessels and have to withstand rough conditions at sea. For these specifications, Wieland finned tubes in titanium offer the clear advantages of strong corrosion resistance and long life. They also facilitate the design of compact and efficient shell-and-tube evaporators for chiller plants.

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