Tradition meets modernity
The new Henninger Tower in Frankfurt

cuprotherm underfloor heating provides optimum room climate in the new building

With its height of around 120 metres, the old Henninger Tower is one of the landmarks of the Frankfurt am Main skyline. The tower, originally built in 1961 as a grain silo, was demolished in 2013 and replaced at the same location by a 140-metre high residential tower, which strongly ressembles the original in terms of the geometry of the outer shell. Similar to the old building, a restaurant will move into the upper floors, the remaining floors are intended for residential use only.

Energy-efficient temperature control is a central challenge for resource-saving operation. As befits a modern building, the Henninger Tower was equipped with a low-temperature system for this purpose. A surface or underfloor heating system is used for the distribution of the heating energy with a flow temperature of 35 degrees. In line with the building's high quality standards, the reception hall was the first large area to be equipped with a cuprotherm panel heating system from the Wieland Group.