Going for gold with copper

Handball Handball
How an underfloor heating system ensures optimum training conditions for Germany’s junior handball players.
Handball Handball
“To ensure that training is as effective as possible, optimum training conditions are essential.”
Top performances on and under the pitch

Whilst the athletes give everything on the pitch and play to their limits, the secret star performs beneath the pitch. The hall floor takes a real punishing and has to withstand every stress and strain. If a player is not playing his best, his teammates can pick up the slack. The hall floor on the other hand must always deliver 100 % top performance.

In every game.

The layout of a handball pitch
A high-tech material goes to work beneath the surface
Handball Handball

Area-elastic sports floor

Cold weather in particular presents a major challenge as regards heating a hall to the required temperature. An area-elastic sports floor with cuprotherm heating tubes not only withstands the greatest of constant straining, but also ensures the heat is distributed efficiently over the entire area.

  • Use of high-tech and certified copper technology.
  • Efficient heat distribution over large areas.
  • Optimum heat dissipation to the floor.
  • Long service life and optimisation of energy costs.
9.400 m
of the highly efficient CTX copper tubes were installed in a total of 60 heating circuits.

An area-elastic double sprung floor was installed, including the sealing, thermal insulation, integral floor heating and linoleum as the top covering. From six different underfloor heating systems for sports floors, the cuprotherm underfloor heating from Wieland-Werke AG was chosen for the project. Besides technical and functional sport-related aspects such as springiness, penetration depth and ball-bounce, the decisive reasons for this were above all the long-term safety, the low installation height and the fact that the jacketed CTX copper tubes are easy to install.

Handball Handball
“The important thing for us was the permanent tightness against oxygen diffusion, which is fully guaranteed thanks to the seamlessly drawn metal pipes. This assures long-term safety. In addition, the copper tubes exhibit extremely low thermal expansion. This is very important, since the tubing has to rest firmly in place on account of the low overall height of the floor.”
Marc-Uwe Schulz,
from the company X.Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Retrofitting a cuprotherm underfloor heating system in existing buildings.
Connecting flexible cuprotherm CTX copper tubes.
Bending a flexible cuprotherm CTX copper tube.
Know-how that cannot be imitated

Our know-how grows with each project we implement. Thanks to our decades of experience with copper tube systems, we are always far ahead. And that’s not only for sports hall floors with an integral heating system as in the Lilli-Henoch sports hall. With our product portfolio, we always find the right solution. Needless to say, we offer our customers comprehensive consulting services, from the planning through to the implementation of their project.

We always bring out the best – and it’s our customers who benefit the most from this.
“I train hard every day to achieve my goal, namely to play one day for the national team.”