Value that is never lost

Copper has never been in such high demand – and being fully recyclable makes it one of the most sustainable of all industrial metals.

Without copper, almost nothing would work in our modern world. On account of its superior electrical and thermal conductivity, it is indispensable wherever energy needs to be used efficiently. As a result, copper is becoming increasingly important particularly in modern applications – and this is why it has never before been in such high demand. The Wieland Group assures its customers are supplied with the metal on the basis of long-term contracts with global metal traders.

The bulk of the metals used emanates from the recycling process – after all, copper materials can be fully recycled without any loss of quality. In this regard, high-grade recycled material is used, particularly from our own production processes and material returned from customers. This not only conserves valuable resources, but also preserves the environment and climate. The Wieland Group has committed to increasing the proportion of recycled copper materials even further over the next few years.