Excellent transmission with copper

Submarine cables connect the world - with Wieland products

Somewhere in the USA, someone is keeping up his smartphone, filming and broadcasting it live via Facebook. And the family at home in Europe is watching enthusiastically. For this to work at all, high-performance transmission paths are necessary - submarine cables. Demand is growing and growing, the transatlantic data traffic is estimated to increase eightfold by 2025.

The data lines are not only commissioned by network providers and telecom companies but also by tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft. Submarine cables have to be extremely reliable and robust because of the technically complex maintenance. The cables of the thickness of a garden hose are located at a depth of about 3300 meters. The glass fibre strands inside are covered with copper strip.

The strip has to be of excellent alloy and processing quality in order to withstand these harsh conditions. Thousands of tons of Wieland copper strip have been used in such cable lines for decades - reliably and robust, so that your next Skype session will be successful.