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How the Wieland Group’s R&D department is working to ensure zero downtime and with the future in mind
It’s all down to wear and tear

Engine components such as slide bearings are subjected to heavy loading. Increasingly more efficient engines are being developed, which in turn increases the thermal and above all mechanical loads. What is more, the components are subjected to wear due to numerous factors such as friction and dirt, for example.


These wear mechanisms impair the function of engine components:


Gear scuffing occurs due to insufficient lubrication, as a result of the slide bearing rubbing on the component it comes into contact with.


Score grooving occurs due to dirt or wear particles.

Tribochemical reaction

Due to the frictional loading, particles and layers form between the surfaces in contact with each other. From a certain thickness, these layers start to break up, thereby creating wear particles.

Fortschritt Fortschritt

Due to the alternating stresses exerted by the tension and compression acting on the sliding surface, cracks can occur that lead to the surface of the bearing being ruined.

One solution - the development of efficient materials

This is where copper alloys provide a reliable and highly efficient solution, as they permit particularly low-wear operation. Slide bearings can be used to optimum effect with materials specially developed by Wieland.

Piston bushing
SB8 = CuZn31Si1
S40 = CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi
SX1 = CuZn31Mn2Al1Ni1Si1

Materials specially developed by Wieland and used in products such as the piston bushing help to ensure the virtually frictionless operation of the engine.

Legal regulations increasingly restrict the use of lead in slide bearings. Lead has been used in the past because it improves the emergency running and machining properties during the production of the bearing. But also without lead, excellent alternatives are available thanks to new alloys.

Efficient solutions thanks to concentrated expertise

To further advance the progress in the field of metals, Wieland has its own Research & Development department. This sees specialists working on projects aimed at ensuring that copper materials retain their popularity also in future.


Our R&D specialists focus on numerous different topics. We provide the following range of services:

Comprehensive testing of materials in addition to operating supplies, e.g. mechanical-technological, chemical-analytical and spectrometric analyses.

Development, construction, procurement and integration of measurement and control technology.

Provision of technical test facilities and special measuring procedures (pilot systems, sample production and numeric simulation).

New and further development of materials, surfaces and subassemblies.

Development and evaluation of ideas and concepts for new products and processes.

Always there for you – from the initial consulting through to series production

The Wieland Group attaches importance to providing customers with end-to-end support wherever possible. We look after you personally and develop your customised solution with our various departments. This includes expert consulting, the development of innovative materials as well as prototypes, right through to the series production of your product.

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Dr. Uwe Hofmann
“At Wieland, we always work with the customer in mind. We develop product solutions in an effort to find the perfect material for our customers, thus ensuring the optimum performance of their end products.”
Dr. Uwe Hofmann,
Head Central Laboratory and Development
Constantly moving forward with Wieland
Thanks to the customised copper alloys from Wieland, cars and other vehicles will continue to deliver top performances also in future, without the fear of breakdowns and failures. Our R&D engineers are passionate about their work aimed at ensuring faster and more reliable mobility for everyone.