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materials from copper and copper alloys

Combining the properties of good malleability, strength and resistance in addition to superior thermal and electrical conductivity is what makes copper such a versatile material. We produce over 100 materials from copper and copper alloys. Both the conventional and the innovative copper alloys emanate from our own foundry and, besides copper, also contain zinc, tin and nickel.

Companies the world over benefit from our developments and innovations

With the new and further development of materials, products and techniques, we are guided by current customer requirements and major global trends such as sustainability, energy efficiency and electro mobility. On this basis, we devise future-oriented innovations for our industrial clients around the world.

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As the only manufacturer of semi-finished products from copper alloys, the Wieland Group has an accredited test laboratory in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. We develop and construct high-precision measuring and test equipment. In addition, we make an important contribution in the field of standardisation with regard to the specification of product and test standards. Special focus is on the development of materials that permit the efficient utilisation of resources and help protect health and the environment. This is made possible above all thanks to the close cooperation with customers in addition to institutes and research facilities.

Our expertise encompasses the entire range of techniques for the production and processing of copper materials

Whether strips, sheets, rods, wires, sections or tubes – we offer our customers the complete range of standard production and processing techniques. Furthermore, we produce ready-to-install components made to customer specifications. Thanks to our quality management system, we are presently certified to ISO 9001 standards, not to mention the high standard of the automotive industry ISO/TS 16949.

Wieland supplies copper materials throughout the world
LKW / Transportsituation / visualisierter Kupferkreislauf LKW / Transportsituation / visualisierter Kupferkreislauf

Global supply network

We use our close worldwide supply network to ship the goods as quickly as possible to their destination.

Whether by container ship from Rotterdam or by rail or truck right across Europe, flexible delivery solutions always ensure reliable supplies to customers. This enables us to respond quickly to our customers’ needs.

Metal and packaging recycling

By recycling scrap metal, we make an important contribution to the protection of the environment. Copper and its alloys are fully recyclable without loss in quality. Consequently, we can re-use any material returned, e.g. from customers, in the foundry without any problems – and even today our production achieves recycling rates of almost 80 %. Likewise, we also recycle a wide range of packaging materials such as wood, for example.

We are at home in all industries and, accordingly, are always very close to you and your products

The some 100 plus different copper materials are used primarily in the automotive industry as well as in electronics and electrical engineering. Other important customer industries include refrigeration and air conditioning, construction and installation as well as machinery and plant technology.

  • Automotive industry
    No car runs without copper. Wieland products ensure efficient power distribution and the reliable operation of the engines and brakes in cars and trucks.
  • eMobility
    The developments in eMobility over recent years have been truly amazing and are advancing ever faster and further. We aim to push ahead these innovations even further and, with our product solutions endeavour to help make the electric vehicle a success.
  • Electronics & electrical engineering
    Thanks to its outstanding electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and malleability, copper is indispensable for the electronics and electrical engineering industry. We supply products such as strips and wires for applications in information technology and telecommunications and for automotive electronics.
  • Refrigeration & air conditioning
    Thanks to our knowledge of the industry and our ability to constantly explore new paths in heating and forming technology, we give our customers a competitive edge in the form of efficient solutions.
  • Construction & installation
    The long-lasting and recyclable material copper plays a fundamental role in the construction and installation industry. From housing technology to solar technology through to façade design, with our high-grade copper materials and our wealth of experience we can cater to a broad spectrum of requirements.
  • Machinery & plant technology
    We produce products for various applications encountered in mechanical engineering, e.g. for the generation of renewable energy, heat transfer in petro chemistry and for construction and agricultural machinery.
A strong group that combines the expertise of numerous companies
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When developing products and solutions for our customers, we also like to strive to find individual approaches. After all, it is these that inspire us to advance our knowledge and to venture down new paths.

The Wieland Group combines the expertise of numerous companies – strong brands embody expertise.