Ecofriendly fish-farming - with minimum cleaning, maximum stress resistance and 100% recyclability of the mesh

Wieland BlueSea ® is a special brass with excellent corrosion resistance for use in brackish water and sea water. The alloy exhibits high mechanical strength and is suitable for marine aquaculture applications. Due to the natural properties of copper, BlueSea products stay environmentally clean, thus reducing maintenance as well as cleaning throughout their entire life cycle. The copper-base alloy BlueSea products are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle. This form of aquaculture allows fish farming with less antibiotics and more safety since brass nets are less susceptible to damage and scaling.

The Wieland Group, global leader for copper solutions, and Lerow AS have formed the new "BlueSea Technology AS" Joint Venture for solutions in the field of aquaculture. Based on the know-how of both companies - specialists in copper and aquaculture - mesh and cages in Wieland SE1 are brought on the market.

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Product line BlueSea

  • BlueSea Wire

    Dimensions and mechanical properties, typical values

    *other dimensions and different tempers upon request.
    Round wire
    Temper Diameter Tensile strength

    Yield strength


    soft 2 5* > 380 > 140 > 35
    1/4 hard 2 5* > 400 > 200 > 20
    1/2 hard 2 5* > 500 > 400 > 3
  • BlueSea Mesh

    Examples for our products

    *For more different diameters and mesh sizes please contact us.
    Wire diameter Mesh size Weight per m2
    2.5 mm 20 mm 4.8 kg
    3.0 mm 30 mm 4.5 kg
    4.0 mm 40 mm 6.0 kg
    5.0 mm 50 mm 7.4 kg
    4.0 mm 30 mm 8.3 kg

    BlueSea Mesh with a wire diameter of 2,75 mm and 20 mm mesh size after weaving and before it has been used in sea water.

    The very same mesh type after more than two years in the sea. The mesh was not deformed and kept the identical mesh size.
    The wire diameter was reduced only by some 2-3% (average value) after the complete period.
    All mechanical values stay similar to before.

  • BlueSea Cage

    Our BlueSea cages are designed according to the customers’ needs.
    Net shape, wire diameter, mesh size and floating structure will fit your special design.

    Please contact us for your coming cage projects.