High efficiency in eMobility is a question of good components: robust copper rotors for high efficiency in the engine, connector rings to connect stator windings in compact space conditions, precision shunt resistors for extremely accurate measurements of the electronic systems and specially designed bimetals.

Explore how you can respond to the increased requirements on the performance of your electrical systems with our innovative products and with Wieland as a partner.

We are looking forward to talk about your individual challenge with you!

Our high performance components

  • Copper rotors

    The very high performance requirements of the electric machine places maximum demands on the rotor. With the advantages of the Wieland rotor design we can meet these requirements in large quantities.


  • Connector ring

    Connecting your stator windings in the most compact space conditions – Together with you, we develop customised solutions for connecting your electric machines. We manufacture connector rings from the prototype through to series production.


  • Shunts

    With our precision resistors it is possible to realise extremely accurate measurements within your electronic systems. The basis of these shunt resistors is electron beam welded copper- manganese strip.


  • Special Bimetals

    The special bimetals from Wieland open up new possibilities for you. Laser cladding allows the properties of different metals to be combined into one composite material.