Slide Bearings

The Slide Bearing and Components Division manufactures wrapped and machined bushings, thrust washers and precision parts made from high-strength copper alloys. Many different versions of the products are manufactured, and we will collaborate with you in working on creating new products and dealing with further developments. We put great value on modern, economical manufacturing.

Product line slide bearings in copper alloys

  • Thrust Washers

    The thrust washer is a bearing element which takes up axial forces. They are designed according to the customer's own specification and can be made from all Wieland materials.

    A thrust washer can be made from strip, tube or rod.

    A thrust washer can be used with any conventional lubricant and can be recycled

    Thrust washers

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  • Machined Bushings

    Machined bushings are manufactured from cast or extruded/drawn tubes resp. bars. All Wieland slide bearing materials can be used. Grooves, holes, etc. can be easily worked into the bushings; however, time expenditure is greater than for wrapped bushings.


    • Wide range of alloys
    • Highly load resistant, even at elevated temperatures
    • Highly resistant to impact load
    • Small steering movements possible under high load
    • Lubricant film absorbing noise and vibrations - less noisy than a roller bearing
    • Can be tailored to a specific application

    Machined bushings

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  • Wrapped Bushings

    All bushings manufactured by Wieland are monometal bushings from strip of Wieland's own production. The alloys Wieland-B09 and Wieland-S31 are processed into wrapped bushings.


    • Lead-free and fully recyclable
    • Less expensive than machined bushings
    • Minimal space required
    • Lighter in weight than machined bushings or roller bearings
    • High stability under load, therefore particularly suitable for oscillating bearings
    • Lubrication grooves are coined into the metal; any shape desired is possible
    • Grease depots for long-term lubrication

    Wrapped bushings

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  • Additional information

    Additional information machined bushings

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