There are many types of coatings – WICOATEC is unique.

The CVD thin-film coating (chemical vapour deposition) from Wieland offers a unique combination of coating characteristics.

This patented process for metal components is suitable for the coating of inner surfaces that are difficult to access and show complex shaped surface structures.

Characteristics of the layer are:

  • Ceramic coating with high chemical resistance
  • Contour accuracy through coating thicknesses < 1 µm
  • High temperature resistance

Your components are in the best hands with us: We have been metal specialists since 1820. This is an important prerequisite for taking full process responsibility for your component; from cleaning through to coating.

Only if pre-treatment and chemistry are perfectly tailored to the component substrate, can you achieve an optimum coating result.

  • What is special about WICOATEC?

    WICOATEC combines characteristics which currently no other coating is able to provide.

    Applicable to all metallic surfaces, including inner surfaces or complex geometries – almost impossible or impossible at all for other established thin-film coating processes.

    Naturally resistant, even in highly corrosive environments with temperatures up to 350°C.

    Contour accuracy
    No change in component dimension and thermal conductivity – particularly for precision components with a narrow tolerance range and for heat exchangers, it is the process of your choice.

  • Where can WICOATEC be used?

    Originally developed as corrosion protection, we have continuously improved WICOATEC and achieved different surface modifications.

    Corrosion protection
    WICOATEC makes it possible to use metal components in environments in which they would fail in the uncoated condition after just a short time.

    Anti-scaling and fouling
    WICOATEC reduces scaling and fouling on surfaces. This enables your component to retain its full performance for a long time.

    WICOATEC offers even more. We are currently working on further developments that have been made possible by the CVD process. With your specific requirements you can help to set priorities.

    Adhesion promotion
    WICOATEC increases the adhesive strength of adhesives and plastics on metals.

    Wear protection
    WICOATEC can influence the hardness of the coated material: The coating protects the basic substrate from tribological effects, thus extending the life of your component.

    Customised surface energy
    Depending on your requirements regarding component use, we can produce either more hydrophobic or more hydrophilic surfaces.

  • How does WICOATEC differ from conventional coatings?
    Produced at process temperatures of 300 °C, WICOATEC is a coating for highly complex geometries. Produced at process temperatures of 300 °C, WICOATEC is a coating for highly complex geometries.
    Produced at process temperatures of 300 °C, WICOATEC is a coating for highly complex geometries.

    Complex components with a high aspect ratio, e.g. a channel structure with 4 mm diameter and 4 m length, can be coated using the WICOATEC coating process. Using chemical vapour deposition makes it possible to also coat cavities, inner surfaces and undercuts.

    We are working on a further reduction of the process temperature, making WICOATEC suitable for more temperature-sensitive materials as well.

  • Which potentials offers WICOATEC?
    WICOATEC can be modified - the layer thickness as well as its effect are variable according to your needs.

    With WICOATEC we have created a technology that can be adapted to your requirements.

    Adding organic compounds makes it possible to extend the range of characteristics of the ceramic thin layer in any direction according to your requirements. This enables the specific setting of surface characteristics (hydrophobic, hydrophilic, no adhesion of undesirable substances, etc.).

  • WICOATEC is more than just a coating

    We support your project from the concept to the finished series product.

    We engage in comprehensive R&D activities and will find the optimum WICOATEC coating for your component.

    Sample production
    In our technical laboratory, we will coat your components. This enables us to find out quickly which WICOATEC coating best meets your requirements.

    Series production
    We currently have equipment that allows us to realise the coating of small series. In the course of next year, we will expand our production capacities.

    To ensure our quality, our equipment already operates with continuous process monitoring.

    We offer you analysis and inspection methods at the highest level in our in-house accredited laboratory. With decades of experience in metal and metal analysis, your project is in good hands.