Free return of packaging

Environmentally friendly

Quality products require quality packaging. Therefore, we supply our products in re-usable stable packaging made of wood. We offer our customers a free collection of all Wieland wooden packaging.

Use the free service of collection of wooden packaging of Wieland and benefit from the following:

  • No additional costs of packaging disposal
  • No additional expenses

With only three steps you make a substantial contribution to the protection of the environment.

  1. Please enter the dimension and the quantity of the respective packaging in the Collection order packaging.
    Please note: you may also request the collection order from your account manager with the data already created for you.
  2. Please send the completed collection order by fax to the forwarding agent specified by Wieland.
    Please note: you can choose the fax number of the forwarding agent in the form.
  3. Our forwarding agent will collect the packaging at your company free of cost!


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Returning our packaging is ecologically worthwhile

Wieland-Werke AG is conscious of its responsibility to nature and to society. Our environmental policy aims to contribute towards protecting our environment and sustaining its quality for the life of the community in general. The return of packaging is a substantial contribution to this.

We have achieved an impressive result thanks to 20 years of experience in cooperation with our customers. Last year alone, Wieland has saved a forest area the size of 25 football fields as a result of the return of packaging.

This corresponds to:

  • 11,750 m³ timber
  • 15,500 trees
  • 580 lorry loads
  • 125,000 m² forest