Information sheets and MSDS

Information sheets for articles

Copper and copper-alloy semi-finished products are articles according to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH Regulation). For an article there is no legal obligation to issue a safety data sheet.

However, to be able to provide information typically included in a safety data sheet also for articles, the present information sheet for articles has been worked out.

We expressly point out that the information sheet for articles is a voluntarily issued information sheet which is not subject to the formal requirements of the REACH Regulation.

The information sheets are available in two languages (German/English)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

The Material Safety Data Sheets for the US market according to ANSI and OSHA. The MSDS are available in English language.

Wieland coating

Wieland A-alloys

Wieland B-alloys (Cu-Sn)

Wieland F-alloys (Cu-Mn-X)

Wieland G-alloys (casting alloys)

Wieland K-alloys (Cu)

Wieland KX-alloys (high CU)

Wieland L-alloys (Cu-Ni)

Wieland M-alloys (Cu-Zn)

Wieland N-alloys (Cu-Ni-Zn)

Wieland S-alloys (Cu-Zn-X)

Wieland U-alloys (Cu-Al)

Wieland Z-alloys (Cu-Zn-Pb)