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Philipp Jakob Wieland took over his uncle’s fine art and bell foundry from which the Wieland Group has evolved.
  • Ulm Minster *
  • Big Ben
  • Notre-Dame de Paris
Listen to famous bells ringing.
* Source: Münsterbauamt Ulm
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It began in Ulm’s Rosengasse
Portrait Philipp Jakob Wieland

Aged only 27, Philipp Jakob Wieland took over the fine art and bell foundry in the Rosengasse and started to produce everyday objects made from copper alloys. Since then, the company has continuously developed and, today, thanks to numerous innovations, it ranks at the very top of an entire branch of industry.

Expertise that is today in demand worldwide

Copper materials are used today the world over. Be this in smartphones, cars or handbags, copper alloys play an important role everywhere. Consequently, the Wieland Group is in demand around the globe and is highly regarded for both its expertise and its products. The company and its subsidiaries are represented with numerous sites on various continents.


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3.0 bn EUR
Sales quantity
500,000 t
Our expertise is reflected in each and every one of our products

The Wieland Group is today one of the world’s leading specialists for copper and copper alloys. Nothing works without copper in our ultra-modern, technological world.

Wieland products are used in the following industries
  • Automotive industry
    No car runs without copper. Wieland products ensure efficient power distribution and the reliable operation of the engines and brakes in cars and trucks.
  • Electric mobility
    The developments in eMobility over recent years have been truly amazing and are advancing ever faster and further. We aim to push ahead these innovations even further and, with our product solutions endeavour to help make the electric vehicle a success.
  • Electronics & electrical engineering
    Thanks to its outstanding electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and malleability, copper is indispensable for the electronics and electrical engineering industry. We supply products such as strips and wires for applications in information technology and telecommunications and for automotive electronics.
  • Refrigeration & air conditioning
    Thanks to our knowledge of the industry and our ability to constantly explore new paths in heating and forming technology, we give our customers a competitive edge in the form of efficient solutions.
  • Construction & installation
    The long-lasting and recyclable material copper plays a fundamental role in the construction and installation industry. From housing technology to solar technology through to façade design, with our high-grade copper materials and our wealth of experience we can cater to a broad spectrum of requirements.
  • Machinery & plant technology
    We produce products for various applications encountered in mechanical engineering, e.g. for the generation of renewable energy, heat transfer in petro chemistry and for construction and agricultural machinery.
Our vision
Wieland is the worldwide supplier of outstanding solutions and superior services. We focus on semi-finished products in copper and copper alloys, complemented by other materials and products. Within an entrepreneurial performance culture, we have high expectations of our workforce and actively encourage their advancement. Wieland is market leader in its core business. We achieve a fair return and increase the economic value of our company.
We employ people with character and who give it their all

The success of our company is down to the commitment and skills of each and every employee. We can rely on this, and what’s more, have been able to do so for nearly 200 years.
We offer individual scope and our full support to motivate our employees to perform at their very best. In our company, everyone can get involved and help make Wieland a strong group and remain so.

Vision Vision
“I am going to keep going until it fits.”
Herbert Wolfarth,
slide bearings and components manufacturing
Karriere Karriere

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Sustainable thinking and acting
Natur, Wiese Natur, Wiese
With our corporate policy, we want to help conserve nature and protect resources.

At Wieland, we take our responsibility for nature and humans seriously because we want to preserve our environment for future generations. Consequently, our corporate policy starts with the economical use of energy and resources. We also endeavour to avoid such environmental pollution as emissions and waste. All of our copper products are incidentally fully recyclable. And in future, too, we will be continuously further developing our measures for environmental protection.