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Components for eMobility

Wieland components for better electric motors and higher-efficiency batteries. The challenge to optimise the key element battery for electromobility provided the idea of enhancing the efficiency of all components – from the rotor to the wiring to the drivetrain. As a partner of many years’ standing to the automotive industry, Wieland utilises its unique, broadfronted access to key technologies to develop high tech components for electromobility.

This includes rotors for maximised electrical power to contacting components for stator windings in the tightest of spaces and precision resistors for ultra precise measurements. As a leading manufacturer of semifinished products of copper and copper alloys, including strips for plug connectors, semiconductor components, and electrical and electronic components, Wieland has proved its reliability as a services partner from prototyping to series production.

As a rule, these products are developed in a partnership with the most-highly renowned automotive manufacturers, testifying to the knowhow and position of Wieland on the market.

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