30. July 2020

Press Release

Wieland supplies BlueSea Brass Mesh for one of the world’s biggest fish farms in China

The fish farm installed off-shore in a typhoon area is the first of its kind. Ideally suited for this task, more than 90t of Wieland BlueSea Brass Mesh were supplied for the project. It stays clean and reduces maintenance throughout its long life cycle - and it is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option of mesh.

Currently one of the biggest offshore deepwater aquaculture farms in the world is being built off the coast in Mawei, China. Upon completion of the project there will be five SSFF150 pens (Semi-submersible Spar Fish Farm) each 140 meters in diameter and 12 meters high with a total volume of 185.000 m³. The fish production of 8.000 – 10.000 mT per year is expected to start in Q2 2020.

Engineering partnership from the beginning
For this project Wieland was part from the beginning in 2017 and instrumental in the construction and integration of the Wieland BlueSea Brass Mesh. More than 90t of the corrosion resistant, highly sustainable and environmentally friendly brass mesh were supplied. The high mechanical strength of the special brass prevents fish escapes, as the brass mesh does not only resist predator attacks but also strong environmental loads like waves and currents, making the solution ideal for the offshore Mawei region, as it is a typhoon area.

A plus for the environment - less biofouling, less fish treatment and a recyclable material
Furthermore, due to the natural properties of the Wieland BlueSea Brass Mesh, the fish cages are far less susceptible to encrustation and biofouling than cages made of plastic fibres but stay environmentally clean. This reduces the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance as well as cleaning. The brass mesh cages also improve water flow and circulation, maintaining a higher oxygen level. All in all this reduces the need for any kind of fish treatment and provides a much healthier environment for the growing high-quality fish. Last but not least, the brass mesh is 100% recyclable and doesn’t cause any plastic pollution of the sea, even after many years of use in salt water. It also keeps the metal value over the complete lifetime.

BlueSea Brass Mesh fosters sustainability in aquaculture
Wieland’s extensive knowledge of mechanics, engineering, design, material handling and competence in copper, enables the company to provide a very environmentally friendly and sustainable brass mesh solution for aquacultures, covering all steps from production to installation. The Wieland BlueSea Brass Mesh meets all the latest NS9415 regulations and standards. It is ideally suited for harsh offshore fish farms and helps to provide a better quality of fish, more sustainable production and higher efficiency aquacultures.

Wieland supplies brass mesh for one of the biggest offshore deepwater aquaculture farms in Mawei, China (picture)
Wieland is partner for the supply of BlueSea Brass Mesh as well as for engineering and design support within the project (picture)
Wieland BlueSea Brass Mesh fosters sustainability in aquaculture (picture)

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