Saving and using energy efficiently

Our production comes with a responsibility that we have taken very seriously from the outset. The energy transition in Germany has increased our social obligation, but has also developed our role further: A number of our products are of central importance for future fields like e.g. electromobility, new forms of energy, and data transmission lines. We therefore not only see recycling, energy savings, and energy efficiency as a cost aspect, but are forcing these issues ahead out of conviction.


All of our investments take energy efficiency and environmental protection into account. As a result, we achieve energy savings of nearly 5000 MWh a year. We reduce CO2-emissions by just under 2500 tonnes a year. Alone our Vöhringen plant can return about 2000 MWh of waste heat back into production every year.

Our future heating concept “Wärmekonzept Zukunft” won us the 2018 LEW innovation award for intelligent energy (“LEW Innovationspreis: Intelligente Energie”). This award distinguishes ideas and measures that are exemplary for pioneering projects in climate protection and the efficient use of energy.

LEW award
LEW award LEW board member Dr Markus Litpher (r) hands over the LEW Innovation Award cup and certificate for third place to Benjamin Schwarz (l) and Eckhart Zimmermann of Wieland-Werke AG. (Photo: LEW/Bleier)

What is "Wärmekonzept Zukunft"?

For years we have been optimising our heat grid, above all at our production site in Vöhringen, the most energy intensive of all. We also optimise our heat generation and distribution systems. Furthermore, we tap into waste heat sources and so recover heat that we can then supply to suitable consumers. We therefore reduce further our use of primary energy. Like all of our infrastructure measures, these concepts are long term.

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