To top sports performance with copper


Paul Drux as a role model: In the Lilli-Henoch-Halle in Berlin, Germany’s next generation of handball players are working on their dream of a professional career – under the best training conditions thanks to Wieland technology.


"It can hardly be any better”, says Paul Drux about the training conditions in the hall, obviously thrilled. Here, at the heart of the sports forum in Berlin, this backcourt player, then sixteen years of age, pursued his dream of professional handball. Today, he is a regular player for the Füchse Berlin, the reigning EHF Cup winner, and international player for Germany.


Like him, many talents on the Jungfüchse team dream of their breakthrough. In the Lilli-Henoch-Halle, they train for this goal. Here is where the next generation team of the Berlin Club play their home games and win German championships, as did most recently the A Group youth. Top sport on such a level is possible only under the optimal conditions – and these are provided by Wieland technology.

„The training conditions are highly professional and, of course, extremely helpful to the players.“


Paul Drux
international handball player for Germany, when asked about the Lilli-Henoch-Sporthalle


Top performance on and under the field

While the players are giving everything they have on the field, there is a need for high tech material under it. According to the guidelines for sports hall infrastructural requirements issued by the federal handball league DKB HBL, there must be a temperature of at least 18 degrees Celsius in the hall when it is opened – a huge challenge especially in cold weather. Accordingly, during extensive modernization measures, the hall floor was fitted with a Wieland panel heating system.


This consisted of a flexible, double sprung floor including sealing, thermal insulation, and a linoleum surface. For the integrated panel heating, Mark-Uwe Schulz of x.plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH subjected six different sports floor systems to a technical analysis – and chose the cuprotherm floor heating system from Wieland.



Bernd Quiel
Application Engineering | Extruded Products



Besides the technical and functional sports aspects like resilience, penetration depth, and ball bounce, also the small installed height tipped the scales. “The option of installing the tube directly on the insulation helped us to observe the required safety distance of 4 cm from the wooden structure,” explained Schulz, who, on seeing the small overall floor height of 20 cm, also welcomed the “extremely small thermal expansion” of the Wieland tubes.


Cuprotherm CTX

Surface elastic layer

White sheathed copper tube cuprotherm CTX

Sports floor with surface elastic layer


Optimal for training, installation, and operation

The engineer Mark-Uwe Schulz praises the permanent tightness to oxygen diffusion, safeguarded to the full extent by the seamlessly drawn metal tubes for long term operational reliability. In addition, the sheathed CTX copper tubes are relatively easy to install. A total of sixty reverse return heating circuits consisting of 9,400 metres of these high efficiency tubes were laid to safeguard the optimal distribution of heat over the whole surface.



m² of utilisable area in the Lilli-Henoch-Ballsporthalle


% guarantee of permanent tightness to oxygen diffusion thanks to seamlessly drawn metal tubes


m of installed CTX copper tubes in ...


heating circuits


mm measure the flexible, sheathed copper tubes


cm and therefore adequate safety distance between the tubes and the sprung floor above

The structure of 18 x 2 mm tubing now promotes the uniform heating of the sports hall over an area exceeding 1200 square meters. The low temperature system operates with particularly high energy efficiency and also utilizes the exhaust heat from nearby production facilities, making the operation additionally gentle to the environment.

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At a glance


  • The Lilli-Henoch-Halle is the training ground for German top and next generation players like the Füchse Berlin handballers.


  • During its modernization, the sports hall was fitted with a sprung floor and integrated panel heating system from Wieland. 


  • The system of flexible sheathed cuprotherm CTX tubes safeguard uniform and energy efficient heating, and therefore the best training conditions.