Delivering on our commitment to recycling leadership and advancing towards a circular economy and carbon neutrality

  • Wieland announces an investment of $100 million for the establishment of a recycling hub in North America
  • The facility will leverage the latest and most efficient technology to enable the recycling of a broad range of metals and alloys
  • The investment furthers Wieland’s commitment to empowering its customers with sustainable, recycled products underpinning Wieland`s contribution to a circular economy

“Wieland is committed to providing our customers sustainably sourced, high-quality copper, brass, and other metals and alloys. Our $100 million recycling investment at Shelbyville, KY, creates a firm foundation for Wieland’s global growth in recycling, as well as exemplifies our commitment to further growth in North America," said Erwin Mayr, CEO of Wieland.

With this endeavor, Wieland takes a major step underlining its commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality, acknowledging the strong demand for high-recycled content metal from both customers and end consumers. In March 2021, Wieland committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and defined ambitious mid-term climate targets which will be realized until 2030. Net Zero will be achieved by latest 2045. The new site will leverage the infinite recyclability of copper and serve as both a hub for closed-loop recycling solutions, as well as a refining center for third-party scrap.

A group of Wieland experts developed the technology concept. Additionally, it received support from UrbanGold, an Austrian recycling technology startup and part of Wieland Ventures’ portfolio.

Operations at Wieland’s new recycling hub at Shelbyville, KY, are expected to commence in late 2022.

[Image] The recycling hub is undepinning Wieland's contribution to a circular economy

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Michael Demmer
Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development & CIO