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Superficies y revestimientos para productos laminados

The surface quality depends greatly on the roughness. We offer the following roughnesses as standard:

 Maximum value Special tolerance (µm)Maximum value Special tolerance I (µm)Maximum value Special tolerance II (µm)
Thickness (mm)RaRmaxRaRmaxRaRmax
0.1 - 0.40.2520.181.40.131
0.4 - 1.00.2520.
1.0 - 1.50.52--0.21.6
1,5 - 3,00,33****

Modification possible due to alloy or thickness

If you wish the end products to fulfil high visual requirements, we can offer you a range of special qualities to choose from:

  • for mirror finishing
  • for electrolytic polishing
  • for etching
  • bright rolled
  • mirror finish rolled
  • free of flow lines

These special products set certain restrictions on the range of geometries. Our experts will be pleased to advise you on the surface qualities best fulfilling your requirements.

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