Greater efficiency, reliability and sustainability – our pledge for your success


As the copper and copper alloy specialist at the top of the world league, we provide support for our customer’s success from many locations and continents – backed by a reliable, flexible supply network and the best services of unvarying quality. In response to the global challenges of our time such as climate change, digitization, and minimized draw on resources, we design our products, services, and technologies to provide sustainable and innovative solutions.


Listening closely is key to us – and so we can offer our business partners exactly what they need. To us, metal is more than material. Backed by our indepth understanding of copper and the manufacture of semifinished products, we can also provide solutions to the growing requirements for material properties and miniaturization, never failing to convince our customers – in this now already for 200 years.

Wieland. Empowering Success.



Wieland in Brief




founded in Ulm






€ billion turnover


kt sales


€ million investments

[Fiscal Year 22/23 figures 
of the Wieland Group]

What makes us special:


Urbanization and globalization are generating megacities worldwide of unabated growth. Digitization and the Internet of Things are affecting our everyday lives. At the same time, a great many trends are demanding from companies sustainable solutions for the protection of the climate and our environment.

And Wieland is at the heart of it all.

Our product and service portfolio provides answers and solutions to all those challenges that these megatrends are bringing with them: power, refrigerating technologies, electromobility, connectivity, electrical equipment. Even today, nothing in our ultra modern, high tech world works without copper.

And so nothing works without Wieland.

The success of our company is based on the dedication and expertise of each and every one of our employees. We can rely on this, and have been doing so for more than 200 years. We provide our employees with their own, personal creative space they need and our unconditional support – and they thank us in the form of premium performance testifying to permanent motivation. At Wieland, everyone can contribute and share in the development of Wieland in the future as well.

We are developing on a constant basis: Wieland researches unceasingly into new and improved copper alloys, products, and processes. This we see to be the key foundation of our company’s success. At the same time, we receive ideas and motivation from our close cooperation with institutes of universities, research institutes, and partner companies. First and foremost, however: We are thoroughly familiar with the current and future requirements of our customers, and tailor our performance accordingly.

At Wieland, we take very seriously our responsibility towards nature and people. We want to preserve our living space for future generations. As a consequence, our company policy begins with the minimized draw on energy and resources. By improving our processes on a continuous basis, we reduce our burden on the environment in the form of emissions, waste, etc.


Enabling Sustainability

In 1820 Philipp Jakob Wieland laid the foundation stone for today's global Wieland Group with his art and bell foundry.
Entrepreneurship, a high degree of customer orientation and the constant demand to break new ground are basic values that stand for Wieland's success, both then and now. We are convinced that copper is not the material of the past and present, but of the future.


Wieland has been developed over 200 years with thoughtful decision-making, courage, and entrepreneurship. For its anniversary, Wieland told 200 stories about the company's history, today's developments and dares to take a look into the future. Read the stories from the past, present and future of the Wieland Group at!