We offer the opportunity to precisely machine geometrically complex workpieces with industrial robots. During the machining, the robot is supported by additional guiding systems or is locked in case of the highest precision requirements.


Especially for large workpieces with free form surface and tight production tolerances our machine concept is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to a normal machining centre. Via "Run MyRobot" the robot is fully integrated into the CNC control. Neither operators nor programmers need any robot programming knowledge.

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The robot winding system masters the production of complex wound workpieces, e.g. heat exchangers, without any manual intervention. The geometry is completely made by the robot, which is integrated in the CNC control. The ends of the workpieces are finished on the milling module. The winding mandrel can be changed automatically for even more flexibility in your series production.

Whether metal, plastic or wood – the Robo-Mill processes large workpieces with unprecedented flexibility, speed and precision. The reason for this is that the raw part is measured three-dimensionally, the perfect basis for the robot, whose 6 axes can fully exploit their flexibility when machining. The machine even masters curved workpieces – thanks to the CAD/CAM interface with spline correction.

The robot carries out all machining and processing steps on the workpiece as well as any subsequent handling. The systems are realized with the Kuka-Siemens interface Run MyRobot or mx.Automation.


Robot-guided band saw for the pointing of profiles in any position of the workpiece. Robot integration into the machine tool control system increases the user-friendliness of the entire system.


Gentle handling of coils. Ergonomic manual tying with subsequent palletising. Interlinking of individual processes and systems are planned and implemented according to the customer's specific requirements.

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