Basis for power engineering: semi-finished products made of copper materials


Whether high-conductivity, processability, mechanical and electrical requirements, connection technology for electronic components has to fulfull various requirements using a high variety of different connectors, such a miniaturized spring-type terminals, press-filt connectors, high current connectors.


Due to their excellent characteristics in conductivity and ductility, semi-finished products made of copper materials are used for transmitting current and signals within the semiconductor industry, in power generation, for power transmission, transformation and distribution as well as for conversion. For every application Wieland offers rods, profiles, tubes, strips and wires - individual and tailor-made for modern information technology.



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How to select the best suitable copper alloy for your connector application? We provide deep technical information to translate requirements on material properties into the right alloy choice.


The WebSeminar "New Alloys for Connectors"

Meet our expert on copper alloys for connector strip: Dr. Robert Zauter gives insights

  • customer requirements for connector strip
  • selecting the suitable alloy
  • trends & new copper alloys


The Alloy Wizard for Rolled Products


The digital consultant Alloy wizard contains a vast base of material expertise and allows to quickly compare materials online.

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