Our future is made of metal

Products made of copper and copper alloys can be found everywhere in modern industrial production and our daily life. Our production teams make sure that these products are of high quality, that the systems operate smoothly and all processes run as planned.

Get ready and support our production teams as a specialist with a technical education. You are welcome in all departments and production locations with and without professional experience.


We ask a lot, but we also give a lot

You can strengthen our production with your drive and develop your expertise, which will also benefit us. Of course we are aware how challenging and demanding your work will be in 3, 4 or 18-shift operations. That’s why we have put together a comprehensive benefits package for you. You will benefit from an attractive compensation, profit-sharing, a lifetime work time account, continuing education programs and various additional offers related to family and health.

Help us shape the future

For everyone who knows their trade, our production locations have numerous challenging responsibilities in production that you can tackle independently or in a team:

Production – Machine and systems operator
You will ensure the manufacturing of our products. You will operate and monitor computer-controlled machines, conduct the required set-up processes and ensure product quality. You will also operate forklifts and crane systems and assist in caring for the machines and the equipment.

Production – Cutting machine operator
You will program the most modern machines, produce high-quality construction components, measure tools and set them up. For this, you will manage and monitor work processes and ensure product quality.

Foundry specialist
You will operate and equip our fully automatic foundry systems, melting furnaces as well as saws and cast slabs and billets, which serve as basic products for our tubes, wires and strips.

Maintenance – Industrial mechanic
You will mostly work in maintenance and ensure the operational readiness of our machines and systems. To achieve this, you will ensure the operational readiness of pneumatic and hydraulic controls and build, modify or improve system components.

Maintenance – Electronics technician for operations technology
You will mostly work in maintenance and ensure the operational readiness of our machines as well as crane and gate systems. As part of these tasks, you will analyze and rectify faults in our systems, maintain and repair the electrical and electronic systems in our machines, build, modify and inspect electrical and electronic system components and implement safety improvements.a

Technician and foreman
You will work independently, in a team and also as supervisor, mostly in shift operations in production, maintenance, work preparation, quality assurance and measurement technology.

Your expertise takes us further

Join our production team after your training or as an experienced specialist. We are looking for

  • Process technologists
  • Machine- and system operators
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Cutting-machine operators
  • Electronics technician for operations technology
  • Foreman
  • Technicians

Support our production with your drive. You are welcome at all production locations with your technical education.

As a member of the production team you will ensure that our products are of high quality, that the systems operate smoothly and all processes run as planned.

In our production, there are various tasks that you can work on in a team or independently.

Send us your application

Whether you join us as an experienced professional or as a graduate, your preference for solution-oriented thinking and your willingness to take on responsibilities will make you a real benefit to our team.


„Wieland and I are a good fit. Our pro­duction plant is never still. Neither am I.“



Shift Manager | Problem Solver



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