Copper is our passion

Copper connects the world. In technologies, such as eMobility, energy and data transfer, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, digitalization and the Internet of Things. And in everything that has yet to be innovated today, but will need copper tomorrow.


We believe in the potential of our people. Together we design sustainable and innovative solutions with our products, services and technologies. For 200 years now, we have been able to remain convincing.


Copper moves the world

It is a passion that shapes the future; and sometimes a sixth sense for what is to come. Two hundred years ago, we cast bells. Today, hardly any car on the road is without copper. Information and telecommunications technology are unthinkable without copper. Copper brings heat into houses, cold into the desert, sustainability into fisheries.


Last but not least, copper brings people together who share this passion. To be precise: 9,400 people at 79 locations worldwide.



founded in Ulm


locations worldwide


€ billion turnover




€ million investments

[Fiscal Year 22/23 figures of the Wieland Group]

Wieland produces for the world market.

With its extensive product, technology and service portfolio, Wieland is a leading global provider of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products. Customer requirements and dedication across all our teams provide the foundation for creating products that help the industry forge ahead in future fields:

  • Strips and sheets
  • Rods, profile rods, wires, profile wires and meshes
  • Pipes, finned pipes and heat exchangers
  • Slide bearings and components


We are continuously expanding our portfolio with innovative solutions. Our highly sophisticated, networked life is no longer imaginable without copper. Surprise us with new drivers for innovation and help us shape the future.

Work for industries with a future

We have always had a feeling for trends and market demands, which is why we have been so successful in the market for such a long time. Copper also plays an important role in the current mega-trends. We collaborate with industries, that shape our future and can therefore guarantee exciting challenges and secure jobs on both sides.


Plug-in connectors and system com­ponents made from copper and copper alloy materials enable comfort, safety and reliability.


We make ground­breaking innovations and our product solutions contribute to the success of eMobility.

Electronics & electro­technology

Thanks to its corrosion resistance, formability and electrical conductivity, copper is an essential material.

Refrigeration, air-condi­tioning, heating

With our expertise in heating, manufacturing and forming technologies, we are working on solutions for what tomorrow demands.

Construction and installation

Copper materials – used in home & solar technology, bathrooms, sanitary facilities and facades.

Mechanical engineering

Almost all industrial machines use copper materials – their load-bearing and heat-transfer capacities are unmatched.


If you are among those who love challenges, then Wieland is the place for you. The “Discoveries” tab on our company website is where you can find product developments that our teams used to drive future fields, such as connectivity, mobility and energy.


In harmony with people and the environment

We also want to preserve our environment for future generations. Using energy and resources sparingly is therefore already where our corporate policies start. With the ongoing improvement of our processes, we keep reducing environmental pollution, including emissions and waste. All our copper products are fully recyclable.


More responsibility