Momentum from the practice

Trade in your lecture room for the workbench, lab or office and gain valuable, real-life experience in our international company. With us, you can take on small, independent projects and/or work on challenging tasks as part of a team.


Work opportunities

You can gain a lot of practical experience here, whether during an internship, your thesis or as a working student. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the following areas of the company:


  • Production/production planning
  • Machine- and plant technology
  • Research, development and innovation
  • Foundry/metal stock
  • Quality management
  • Technical marketing
  • Logistics
  • IT
  • Finance and accounting
  • Sales
  • Corporate communication
  • Human resources

--> Final thesis upon request

In your internship, you will take on small, independent projects and work on challenging tasks in a team. These projects will have you learning from our experienced employees and gaining practical experience.

During your internship or when working on your final thesis, you have the daily experience of seeing how your theoretical knowledge from the lecture room is applied in practice at a company with global reach.

Whether internship or thesis – at Wieland, you will be exposed to a variety of situations where you can gain valuable experience at home or abroad.

In our company units, you get the chance to shadow experienced employees from all specialization areas and gain practical experience in independently led (sub) projects. You will have the daily experience of seeing how your theoretical knowledge from the lecture room is applied in practice at a company with global reach.

Requirements for your internship

  • Valid matriculation at a university or university of applied sciences
  • Mandatory internship: a personalized document from your university regarding the scope of your internship, i.e. work-experience (this does not include study or exam regulations)
  • Voluntary internship: max. of 3 months possible
  • Send us an application including cover letter, resume and most recent grade report 4 – 6 months before the planned internship start

Your curiosity goes beyond the nearest border? Then why not expand your horizons and knowledge at one of our global locations? You will experience the daily course of business abroad working on a variety of tasks and projects. As a permanent member in an international team, you will be able to contribute by tackling independent tasks.

The following locations offer internships abroad:

Send your application directly to the desired location.

Requirements for your internship abroad

  • Good English language skills (French also additionally desired)
  • Min. duration 2–3 months
  • Send us your application 6 months before the planned internship start

If you are planning to write your final thesis on a technically innovative topic, then look no further. Wieland is the right company for you. In our departments, we always have open questions for which we are seeking solutions with a practical application. In this process, you will be closely collaborating with the respective team that will support you with all questions from the start.

You can decide independently whether you like one of our topics or whether you would like to suggest your own topic. In either case, you have to independently apply with us. Our departments only rarely post vacancies for final theses.

As a working student at Wieland, you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice, gain experience in your field of study, and get well paid for it.

Aside from the fact that a working student job looks much better on your resume than waitressing or bartending. By being closely integrated into the respective team, you will experience the daily course of business in all its manifestations and get realistic insight into your future profession.

Requirements for your work

  • Valid matriculation at a university
  • Min. age for work in shift operations within production: 18 years
  • Max. working time during the term: 20 hours per week

Join us

Regardless of when you approach us during your studies, we look forward to your application and can promise you an interesting time during which you can gain valuable experience.

Unleash your potential

We have combined our student offerings with a lot of extras that will help you realize your potential not only professionally, but also personally:


  • Continuing education: Chose an event that interests you from our continuing education program for the Winter semester. The selection ranges from IT seminars, presentations about technology and manufacturing at Wieland, training sessions for personal development, to driver’s safety trainings and many more exciting events.

More on prospects at Wieland


  • Vitality program: You are welcome to join these activities of our vitality program on nutrition, relaxation and exercise that have a different focus each month. You can also attend the personal training offered by our vitality workshop.


  • Networking: You will be able to expand your contacts during the networking sessions. Our students in Ulm and Vöhringen meet once a month to exchange experiences.