Discover the world with us

Reliable, customer-centric supply, the best service and consistently high quality: It is these customer needs that we are able to satisfy with production and service organizations in our primary markets of Asia, the U.S. and Europe. Our strong global presence helps us support customer and partner growth, and in doing so, we rely on the commitment of our dedicated employees around the world.


In global demand – your expertise

We are active on five continents. And that’s exactly why we count on your mobility – and keep offering you the opportunity to expand your horizons and discover new things in return:

Our international presence can also be felt at our German sites. Depending on the role, you will work in a global network, supporting our international teams. You might also travel to our other sites or visit our customers and suppliers.

Whether during your vocational training, your dual studies or during an internship abroad: We give you the opportunity to get to know our international locations.

Good news for all those experiencing eternal wanderlust: The Wieland Group gives you the chance to get a running start – and what’s more, (almost) anywhere in the world. During your work abroad, you will be able to participate in international projects and gain valuable new experiences.

Your options? We have many! Various assignment periods, at 80 locations worldwide and with various tasks. Whether you provide specialized expertise at your new assigned location and drive projects, optimize production, take care of customers or assume management responsibilities: It is essential that you have a strong, hands-on mentality.

We offer a wide range of international assignments for professionals and managers who want to get to know other countries and cultures. You should already have a good knowledge of English and also have a basic knowledge of the local language - or be willing to learn it.

Up, up and away – work abroad is enriching

Roll up your sleeves when you work abroad - and discover how this time can influence your personal and professional development. Because when you work in one of our international locations...


  • you will get to experience another culture up close
  • you will develop a deeper understanding of life and work in your host country, thereby expanding your intercultural competencies
  • you will master tough challenges – often as a pioneer
  • you will gain valuable experience and expand your international network
  • you will have the chance to prove yourself and accelerate your professional development
  • you will substantially improve your language skills


Good preparation is essential – you will receive individual support

It's important to us that you and your family have a good and enriching experience while you work abroad. That’s why we provide intensive preparation and are by your side every step leading up to the time abroad. And we are certainly there to support you during your assignment and when you return.


During the initial preparation for your longer term assignment abroad, you will be able to take an orientation trip to your future host location. This will give you and your family the chance to familiarize yourselves with the new personal and professional surroundings.

An intercultural training gives you and your partner a foundation to quickly adjust to your new work and living situation. We will also provide all necessary information to help you overcome the challenges of your new daily life.

You and your partner will be able to immerse yourself in the new language by taking a language class. Naturally, we also offer a preparatory language class for your children.

To ensure that you can fully focus on your assignment abroad, we will take care of:

  • Applications such as visa, work and residence permits for your host country. We will, of course, also bear any incurred costs.
  • An appropriate social security scheme: We ensure seamless insurance coverage and will find solutions for you that make sense in order to ensure comparable benefits.
  • Your and your family’s health: For optimal prevention and care in case of an illness, we ensure comprehensive health insurance abroad.

We ensure the best conditions so that you can quickly acclimate to your new environment: For example, we cover all your moving expenses and offer our full support together with that of experienced service providers. In addition, we will provide you with a lump sump for the move to cover any incurred incidental costs. This, of course, also applies to your return to your home country.

And during shorter international assignments? We will provide you with an appropriate hotel room or apartment.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your children to settle in, so we will help you find suitable childcare and educational facilities. We will pay kindergarten fees (as of 2 years of age) as well as any incurred school fees.

We will also pay for any arising tutoring costs after your return home to facilitate a smooth integration in school

Regardless of which country your assignment is in – we can assure you that you will not suffer any disadvantages or losses with regard to your pay:

  • During shorter international assignments, you will continue to be paid in your home country and receive additional per diem amounts.
  • For longer international assignments, you will be transferred to the remuneration system of your host country. Depending on your work location, you will receive various allowances (e.g. cost of living, quality of life, mobility allowance, transportation and housing).
  • In addition, we will ensure that you do not suffer any tax disadvantages compared to your home country, and we will take care of your tax return preparation in your host and home countries.

Whether you want to travel within your host country or visit family and friends back home: Your allotted vacation benefits from your home country remain valid. If the usual vacation time provided in your host country significantly deviates from your place of assignment, we may pay out part of your allotted vacation benefits.

Traveling home
You are about to visit your home country? During longer international assignments, we will pay for two plane trips home for you and your family per year. In the event of a shorter international assignment, you may book a plane ticket home every three months at our cost.

Returning home

One thing is for sure: During your assignment abroad, you will not only experience tremendous professional development, but also personal growth. And there is no need to worry about what happens after your assignment: We will also help you with everything involved in organizing your return. We will provide you with re-entry coaching upon request and support your partner, if necessary, with reintegrating into the job market at home.


Of course, you will always be part of our people development and planning processes: We will provide you with the best possible reintegration and a suitable follow-up position where you can benefit from your new experience.