Noah | Trainee | Enthusiastic soccer player in his free time

“I enable modern conveniences.”

I want to work on my strengths and was uncertain for a long time what I wanted to do professionally. One the one hand, I like physical activities, play a lot of sports and help my father to renovate our house. On the other hand, I want a profession that also engages my brain. My cousin was the determining factor for my application to Wieland. He told me great things: awesome vocational training center, nice instructors, no overtime, bridge days off (single day that lies between a holiday and the weekend), good trainee salary. He was right on all points.


„I notice every day how much time and passion is invested in trainee education here.“



Trainee | Enthusiastic soccer player in his free time

  • Secondary school certificate (school-leaving certificate after 10 years of school)
  • Training at Wieland at the Vöhringen plant
  • Training to become an electronics technician for industrial engineering.

Our copper can be found everywhere

My family is always very surprised when I tell them how many of our devices contain copper. It is a great feeling to produce something that makes life more convenient. And I learn something new every day. The atmosphere in our internationally diverse team at the vocational training center is great: Four of us will become electronics technicians, a few are training to work in the metal-processing and two are dual students. The exchange of ideas in our team also helps me to think out of the box. The theoretical modules at the company are quite challenging. But as a result, we have quite an advantage at the vocational school compared to our peers.


We are, in a way, a family company

Of course, we are an international corporation. But, still, it feels like a family company to me. Probably because there are many families here that have been working at Wieland for generations. Many employees have been with the company for a long time and are very experienced. But they don’t play the seniority card with us trainees despite all that. Everybody is very helpful and is happy when we can solve a practical task that we have been assigned within a day. Over the next two years, I will have to study very hard. If Wieland gives me a full-time job once I am done with vocational training, I would be super happy.


Why Wieland?

Copper is a highly important material now and in the future. It needs your fresh thinking, your enthusiasm and your talent to surprise us with new impulses and help us shape the future. Join us and discover new opportunities to develop your potentials.


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