Richard | Surface Technician | Hard Worker | Family Man

“I make sure surfaces are protected.”

I completed the vocational training as a galvanizer and continued my education part time to become a galvanizer foreman. Before joining Wieland Wicoatec, I worked in different production departments at a Swiss company. The experience I gained there was very valuable. I have since returned to my home in Baden-Württemberg. I am a married, father of three and I am passionate about being a family man. We built our home together with my brothers — putting a lot of time and energy into it. Having such a family bond is something I think is special. When you need them, they have your back. It is this same attitude that I have also found at Wieland. Our close-knit team at Wicoatec has grown from nine people when I started working there to 30 people. But the old team motto still applies: Together we can tackle anything.


„We are all pulling in the same direction.“



Surface Technician | Hard Worker

  • Surface Technician, Wieland Wicoatec, Vöhringen
  • Performs test series for customer projects and for internal process development

Previous experience:

  • Managed a marine und powertrain business unit (production, quality control, work preparation, technical sales support)
  • Vocational training as a galvanizer
  • Studied part-time to become a galvanizer foreman

Good planning is half the battle

Wieland’s job posting immediately spoke to me. To me it was very exciting and challenging to discover a new coating technology that I wasn’t familiar with and make the switch to Research & Development. We are a young team and all sit together in our little area. This has a lot of advantages. Short paths, information is quickly and comprehensively exchanged. In this lively atmosphere, we come up with many ideas for process optimization. I am part of a subsidiary and product range that are still in development and have a great future ahead of them.


The perfect professional home

In my surroundings, I only hear good things about Wieland and the social benefits it offers, and I experience it myself daily. My two older children love the children’s activities organized by Wieland during the holidays. As parents, we love them, too. We both work, and this gives us the ability to still take a family holiday together. Also, I like the option of saving working hours in my working time account in the form of money for the future. Whether I use this money to retire earlier or for other projects, I don’t know yet. We’ll see. I have found a professional home at Wieland, which fits my current life situation.


Why Wieland?

Copper is a highly important material now and in the future. It needs your fresh thinking, your enthusiasm and your talent to surprise us with new impulses and help us shape the future. Join us and discover new opportunities to develop your potentials.


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