How to submit a compelling application

First, the most important tip: Make it easy on yourself and us. Use our online portal for your application. This enables us to quickly process your documents and respond quickly.


Your best approach is to register in our job portal and create an applicant profile. This is not required for an application, but it lets you easily save intermediate drafts of your application while you work on it, in case you are still waiting for some documents or need to scan them in first.

Below you will find a few tips on how to create a more compelling application, cover letter and resume, and how to be convincing during your interview.

Take your time.
Completing the application form takes about 5 minutes. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields, all others are optional. The more information you provide, the more comprehensive the image of yourself that you are creating for us.

Ask questions.
Our contact persons are named in every job advertisement. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Remember to submit everything.
We would like to receive a personalized cover letter from you, a well-structured resume, a certificate for your highest successfully completed level of education and any available employer references.

Ensure correct formatting.
The document files you submit should not exceed 20 MB. Pdf files are ideal, but you can also attach word, jpg, gif and png files.

Be thorough.
Your cover letter provides a lot of information about your personality, your motivation and your experiences. Ensure correct grammar and avoid making mistakes and using empty phrases. The latter do not add value, they waste space that you could use to describe your strengths, skills and characteristics.

Personalize your letter.
Addressing your recipient directly is always better than using the impersonal “Dear Sir/Madam”. The readers of your letter will notice, by the way, if you use the same cover letter for all companies. Standard texts often appear superficial.

Do not repeat the information from your resume.
Your prior careers is already part of your resume. Instead, describe in your cover letter why you are a good fit for the desired position based on your knowledge and experiences, and what your strengths are.

Be brief.
A human resources specialist will initially only briefly look at each application. Your cover letter should therefore not be longer than one (DIN A4) page.

The resume provides an overview of your qualifications, activities and knowledge, and is therefore the core of your application. To ensure you have a compelling resume, we recommend the following:

  • A clear structure
  • Start with the most recent events/activities when creating chronological lists
  • List relevant responsibilities and professional successes

Be on time.
Being far too early is as inadvisable as being late. Call ahead if you get into a traffic jam and will not be able to arrive on time. This can happen, and we understand.

Prepare well for your interview.
Do your research on our company and our products.

Stay spontaneous.
Despite good preparation, we should not get the impression that you are only repeating responses you have learnt by heart.

Be honest about your skills.
Unjustified modesty or overconfidence when describing your skills and expertise is not at all helpful.

Small talk only as intro.
Small talk is good as a warm-up. Then the job interview should quickly move on to professional topics.

Mind your body language.
A low voice, slouching posture or an evasive gaze are quickly noticed, particularly during critical questions.

Ask questions.
A job interview is a dialog. In addition, you probably want to know as much about us as we want to know about you.