You give a lot and get a lot in return

At Wieland, we emphasize the “we”. You work in an environment of thinkers and doers—where you can feel comfortable and achieve your goals. If you so desire, even globally.


Wieland is worth it.

We are passionate about our copper and copper-alloy semi-finished products. But for those who research, cast, manufacture, sell, design or organise them, they are also - we have to admit - a lot of work. Like all of us, you will ask yourself from time to time: “Why am I doing this?”


And to make sure you have not just one, but many ways to answer that question, we have put together a great package of benefits for you to enjoy. It's a package designed to ensure that you don't neglect your family, your leisure time or your health in all the work that copper does for us.

Make everyday life easier

You can only bring your best self to work, if everything is running smoothly at home, if the kids are taken care of and you have time for yourself and your family and friends. We have a lot of different support options available to ensure that you have a good work-life balance.


For parents and children

  • Holiday care for employee children with a diverse program
  • Kupfernest the company's own daycare center for children of employees from Ulm and Vöhringen
  • Support in coming back to work after having a child, e.g. through various part-time models
  • Access to the online training program
  • Christmas presents for all employee children up to the age of 16
  • Use of the Wieland internal eLibrary with many eBooks and audio learning content


For leisure time

  • Healthy, nutritious meals in the canteens, also available as take-away
  • Health program with many fitness and relaxation classes

Time is valuable

To have more time for family and hobbies, to be able to find an optimal work-life balance, it helps to have some scheduling flexibility. We make this possible with our flex-time models and time accounts.


Flexible work time

  • Weekly work time of 35 hours (plus breaks) for full-time employees covered by collective agreements
  • Flex-account for overtime which can be used as time off later on
  • Many other work time models, e.g. part-time jobs or job sharing


Wieland work time account

By converting work time and transferring your gross pay, you can acquire a work time credit for the future. This gives you the ability – in coordination with your supervisor – to temporarily reduce your work time fully or in part. For example, for building a house, a longer trip or continuing education. You can finance this period with your credit from the work time account by setting your pay at a value between 70 and 100 percent. This acquired credit can also go toward earlier retirement.

Health is everything

Our daily life poses many challenges. Regardless of whether you have a mentally challenging job or work in physically demanding shift operations, we will help you stay healthy. We have put together a comprehensive program to achieve this.


Exercise, relaxation and nutrition

  • Healthy and nutritious food in our canteens – also available for take-away
  • Prevention and sports courses on site, online active break
  • Company fitness with Wellpass
  • Individual and holistic training in the "Vitalwerkstatt" with personal trainer
  • Wieland sports groups by and for the Wieland workforce
  • Trainee Active sports program (exercise, nutrition, relaxation, mental health, ergonomics and addiction prevention)
  • Orthopaedics Express Service
  • Online lectures on health topics such as sleep, nutrition, etc.
  • Our own sports teams run by our colleagues and for our colleagues to join


Mind, body, and soul

  • Health screenings, preventative health exams, vaccinations and medical care in acute cases by our company physicians
  • Early detection and prevention of mental illnesses (workshops, trainings, psychosomatic consultation)
  • Addiction prevention and help in high-risk cases or in case of addiction by our addiction intervention group
  • Bonus model for night-shift workers which includes an active week at select health resorts
  • Screen glasses subsidy
  • Health days
  • 150€ health voucher system for preventive measures such as nutritional advice or smoking cessation
  • Employee Assistance Program (work & career, family & partnership, personal & private, physical & mental health, etc.)

Dedication is well compensated

When the numbers match up, work is twice the fun. This not only applies to our financials, but also to your bank account. We reward performance with particularly attractive compensation, and you can also share in the company’s success.


The components of your monthly earnings

At Wieland, the collective tariff agreement framework conditions apply, which are supplemented by payments above the collective tariff agreement. Your basic salary is based on the requirements-dependent classification in a pay category. All employees at Wieland receive a personal performance bonus, which is based on the annual assessment by your supervisor.

We offer a workplace with a future

In a team whose strong cohesion is characterized by mutual readiness to help, trust and mutual support. In a position that gives you the chance to grow and expand your potential with challenging and varied responsibilities.

Make copper the focus of your work life. Together, we will bring out the best in copper.