Fabian | Constructing Engineer | Pragmatist | Center of calm

“I bring automation solutions to life.”

Our motto is: A little more expenditure early on prevents large additional expenditures later. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. This is why a healthy dose of composure comes in very handy. Keeping one’s cool is essential when developing customized machines. This, by the way, was the reason why I found my way to Wieland. The challenges in building customized special purpose machines and plants were too tempting to resist.


„The typical Wielander is diligent, goal-oriented, sociable and pragmatic.“



Constructing Engineer | Pragmatist

  • Project Manager Constructing Engineer in order processing, Wieland Anlagentechnik, Neu-Ulm

Previous experience:

  • Project Manager Constructing Engineer in Heidenheim
  • Studied mechanical engineering according to the Ulmer model at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences incl. vocational training in industrial mechanics

We give 100% to all our customers

We develop systems and special machinery for Wieland here and around the world. Word of our expertise has made the rounds in the market and we are also getting many orders from external customers. We are very dedicated to providing sustainable assistance and building the ordered systems. My personal motivator is to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction. The same goes for my colleagues. Our team has a very friendly atmosphere and we work as a unified team. This makes it possible to find a solution for any technical problem.


Copper means full order books

Compared to the construction of standard-type machines and systems, I have a lot of creative freedom in special machinery construction. As a result, I get to face exciting challenges that keep me motivated every day. Thanks to the flat hierarchies at Wieland Anlagentechnik, paths are short and uncomplicated and groundbreaking decisions are made quickly. If we happen to get stalled with our existing know-how because the requirements have changed, we are provided with targeted and comprehensive continuing education options which are available to us at any time. When I am asked what copper means to me, I always say: Copper and its alloys are foundational to Wieland. Producing and further processing copper products requires sophisticated and special machines and systems. This means full order books for Wieland Anlagentechnik. As already mentioned, we are pragmatists.


Why Wieland?

Copper is a highly important material now and in the future. It needs your fresh thinking, your enthusiasm and your talent to surprise us with new impulses and help us shape the future. Join us and discover new opportunities to develop your potentials.


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