Rilana | Purchasing & Sales, Engineered Products | Problem Solver | Listener

“No distance is too far for me.”

Way back when I applied – more by accident – at Wieland Duro, I felt so much at home from day one that I definitely wanted to stay. We are very constructive collaborators here and openly discuss everything. It has always been like that. Colleagues like coming to me with their questions when something isn’t working. They trust my judgment and expertise. Well, it does feel like I have been working in copper forever.


„I felt so at home from day one that I definitely wanted to stay.“



Purchasing & Sales, Engineered Products | Problem Solver

  • Purchasing & Sales, Engineered Products, Wieland Duro
  • Purchasing in the semi-finished products copper alloys department
  • Sales Export IT, USA, CZ|SK

Previous experience:

  • Team Manager Sales Export
  • Sales representative
  • Product Manager Sales
  • Vocational training in wholesale and export business management

Copper motivates me

We have been a wholly owned Wieland subsidiary since 2009. By being part of an international group of companies, it may be that one path or the other has become somewhat longer than before. But the great atmosphere has remained. In addition, we have access to Wieland’s many benefits and the opportunity to transfer to other Wieland subsidiaries for new career paths and career advancement. The company is very supportive in this regard. We all love the “open door policy.” Employees are also treated well on an interpersonal level, with no sign of a “hire and fire” mentality.


Don’t give up, give it your all

We are working with a fascinating material. Our customers trust our word. They trust us to make things possible for them. What helps me in my job is that I am a go-getter and prefer to tackle problems quickly. Empathy, strong communicational skills and technical understanding are great assets here. This was a really great discovery for me: You can have a successful career even without a university degree. There is a multitude of internal continuing education options. I became team manager in sales way back when thanks to my dedication and strength of will. I have since acted on a long-time ambition and switched to purchasing.


Why Wieland?

Copper is a highly important material now and in the future. It needs your fresh thinking, your enthusiasm and your talent to surprise us with new impulses and help us shape the future. Join us and discover new opportunities to develop your potentials.


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