Andrea | Project Manager | Material Scientist | Copper Admirer

“I am passionate about sustainable materials.”

I majored in solid state physics, and during my doctoral studies, I also produced copper layers using a sputtering process. Basically a bottom-up approach to producing copper layers: You start with the atoms and let them grow to form layers. At Wieland, we take the opposite approach, meaning from the top down. We start with a thick cast form and we end up with thin bands. I found Wieland when I was searching for an employer who shares my love for metals.


„I think copper is one of the most under­estimated materials, and it is undoubtedly vitally important for Industry 4.0.“



Project Managerin | Material Scientist

  • Project-Manager Engineering, Vöhringen
  • Development projects for all business units
  • Materials development and optimization
  • Quality improvement in operational productions

Previous experience:

  • Research Assistant in semi-finished products technology
  • Project engineer in Research & Development Engineering
  • Studied solid state physics with focus on material science/metal physics at the University of Augsburg / University of Göttingen

We always want to know more

Every day brings new challenges. For material scientists, the new challenges frequently materialize physically on our desks. We all want to learn more about copper and its alloys. Wieland is a company with a lot of implied knowledge that has grown organically over the past 200 years. Understanding this knowledge and developing it further for new, innovative products is a very exciting job. The diversity of our team really helps here. We have mechanical engineers, metal forming engineers, electrical engineers, material scientists and physicist on our team. This makes for a lively and open work atmosphere that is full of animated discussions. We can look at our tasks from a wide variety of perspectives and collaborate to find solutions that mean progress for our customers.


Thinking means comparing

Searching and finding – these are two important levers that very much describe my job. Searching means to plan, conduct and analyze focused experiments and as a result create models. Finding means to observe, collect data and analyze it using data mining methods. The important part is to discuss the resulting new approaches with fellow team members and to test them for plausibility. This gradually elevates the entire team’s materials and process understanding to increasingly higher levels. As a scientist, I can really find very attractive perspectives here. The continuing education options and talent support programs are an additional important advancement component for me and my teammates.


Why Wieland?

Copper is a highly important material now and in the future. It needs your fresh thinking, your enthusiasm and your talent to surprise us with new impulses and help us shape the future. Join us and discover new opportunities to develop your potentials.


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