GBC joins Wieland Group.
Metal information
Current metal prices
Officials (Prompt) 20.08.2019
Cu (Settlement) 5.698,00 USD/to
Zn (Settlement) 2.226,00 USD/to
EUR (Bid) 1,10735 USD
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Chart shows a 30 days price history of Cu/to in USD

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Trade fairs

Electric & hybrid vehicle technology expo | September 10 - September 12| Novi


Thermal Solutions

Ice cold reduced: OVUM needs a quarter less refrigerant


Sustainable and efficient solutions for refrigerants - ecological and economical


Continuous castings like tubes and rods, but also shaped rods and sections of complex geometries.

Trade fairs

Aqua Nor | August 20 - August 23 | Trondheim


As a company employing energy intensive processes, sustainability has always been very important to us.