„Empowering Success“ starts with our suppliers


As a globally successful company, we are constantly looking for the most competitive, innovative and efficient suppliers. In the face of increasing competition in national and international markets, a reliable supplier base is becoming more and more indispensable. Also, since every business partner of Wieland is part of our customer promise. This is undisputable in order to ensure and deliver technological advanced products of outstanding quality. We therefore only source from carefully selected suppliers.


The main focus of our purchasing organization is on the concept of integrated procurement, in addition to commercial competitiveness. Together with our suppliers, we take the process concept into account and pursue a continuous improvement of our processes and products.




The topic of sustainability is an essential and integral part of our corporate strategy. To underline and point out the importance this strategic approach of Wieland, we participate and support the initiative „The Copper Mark”. Wieland also expects its suppliers to follow and comply with these aspects.




Our sourcing portfolio – Your opportunity

The Wieland Group has a broad category group management system to assure an efficient and effective processing of the Group's requirements. This is divided into the following main procurement areas:

What we expect from our suppliers

To meet the required high standards in quality, efficiency and sustainability we phrased the following expectations as a basis for a successful cooperation with our suppliers.

We generally expect the following requirements from our suppliers:

  • An established quality management certification according to DIN ISO 9001 ff.
  • High competitiveness with regard to price, quality, adherence to delivery dates and flexibility
  • First-class organization and communication as well as best service and continuity
  • Compliance with all currently required and defined quality requirements

Additionally we expect the following factors to be followed in Global Procurement & Logistics:

  • Readiness for cost transparency for the identification of further optimization potentials
  • The spirit for innovations and assistance in the development of technical solutions
  • Independent data maintenance in the International Material Data System (IMDS)

Please note that different conditions may apply to individual subsidiaries of the Wieland Group.

Supplier Code
Terms and Conditions of Purchase
Code of Conduct Wieland Group
Supplier Guideline - Direct Material
Conflict Minerals Policy

Special logistical requirements for deliveries can be found in the Online Notification.

In order to live up to our corporate responsibility, we are also guided by internationally recognized principles and standards, which we also expect from our suppliers.