Heating Technology – Efficiency in nearly every design

What can you expect from us to make your heat transfer more efficient?


Not only are our enhanced surface tubes and heat exchangers reliable, but they also offer you a variety of benefits. They are long-lasting, safe, and made to keep going, which quickly pays dividends in terms of reduced service and maintenance. We work with you to design heat exchangers that fit perfectly into the available space and meet the needs of your customers. For us, providing you with the best service possible is an absolute priority.


What kinds of solutions can you get?

Low- or high-volume production of compact, robust, and durable solutions that are made to measure for your installation space. In addition to our extensive range of standard heat exchangers, we also gladly develop ready-to-install products made of a variety of materials.


What application areas do our solutions cover?

  • Heat pumps
  • Gas-fired boilers
  • Storage tanks: drinking water, buffer storage, combined storage tanks
  • Solid fuel boilers

Higher efficiency in buffer tanks




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Heat recovery from shower water




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Protection of solid-fuel boiler




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More efficiency for the domestic hot water heat pump




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How do you benefit from our unique combination of know-how in heat transfer and heat exchanger design?

We offer you everything from a single source: from initial development to the construction of prototypes and even series production. Throughout this process, we always think one step ahead for you, anticipating what could be around any corner. This results in energy-efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and space-saving solutions, which we can gladly offer as ready-to-install units delivered to dovetail with your logistical needs.


Our services

  • Compact solutions, made to measure for available installation space
  • Special solutions for protection against contamination
  • Broad range of surfaces and materials
  • Cutting edge CAD designs
  • Professional consulting throughout all project phases


Your benefits

  • Savings in terms of weight and materials
  • Delivery of ready-to-install solutions (e.g., with flange)
  • Customized logistics concepts for low- and high-volume production
  • Extremely reliable on-time delivery


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Your contact person for heating technology

Andreas Moritz, Director Product Management
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