Powerful e-mobility solutions


The electrification of the drivetrain is gathering speed all over the world. As a partner of many years’ standing to the automotive industry, Wieland is at the heart of these developments and manufactures highly developed components for e-mobility.


The successful, blanket launch of electric vehicles is still awaiting solutions to a number of engineering challenges. For instance, the quality and performance of electric motors must be configured to customer expectations, and the power electronics become lighter and more efficient. The market needs fast chargers and new technical approaches towards air conditioning and heating in the vehicle. The key technology though – owing to its large share in the vehicle costs, but above all its influence on the vehicle’s reach – is the battery.


In addition to semifinished products of copper alloys, Wieland also manufactures components for alternative drive technologies and supports the automotive industry with its high level of expertise from the development to mass production. The challenge to optimise the battery for electromobility provided the idea of enhancing the efficiency of all components – from the rotor to the wiring to the drivetrain. Wieland develops and produces individual system components for electric motors, contact carriers in permanently excited synchronous motors, engineered copper rotors in asynchronous machines, and special bimetals, specifically for electrified and hybrid vehicle drives. As a rule, these products are developed in a partnership with the most-highly renowned automotive manufacturers, testifying to the knowhow and position of Wieland on the market.



Rotor bars

Stator windings


eBeam strip

The maximum performance needed from an electrical manchine places the greatest demands on the rotor. Wieland's copper rotors fulfil these.

Wieland can offer you ready-to-install rotor bars of the unvaryingly highest quality combined with maximum cost efficiency.

Contacting your stator windings in the tightest of spaces: Together with you, we develop individual solutions for wiring your electrical machinery and produce these from the prototype to the series product.

Precision shunts are important for precise, reliable measurements of the actual battery capacity.

The electron beam welded multi-metal strip is ideal as pre-material for shunts or press-fits.