Metal information

The reworking ratio (UMA) depends on factors such as the semi-finished product (rolled or pressed/drawn products), the delivery form (chip or scrap), the surface and the alloy. Details can be found in the tables below.

Rolled Products Conversion Ratio
Bronze 115:100
FX9 130:100
K50/55/73/76 120:100
K57/60/62/75/88 125:100
K65/80/81 115:100
Kupfer 113:100
Messing 115:100
Neusilber/L49 125:100
S23/12 120:100
Messing 160:100
Bronze 120:100
Cu/K81 120:100
Messing 160:100
Rest 160:100
Extruded / Drawn Products Delivery form Conversion Ratio
Ecobrass® Span 120:100
Ecobrass® Schrott 115:100
Neusilber Span 135:100
Neusilber Schrott 130:100
Sondermessing Span 130:100
Sondermessing Schrott 125:100
Zerspanungsmessing (bleihaltig) Span 115:100
Zerspanungsmessing (bleihaltig) Schrott 110:100

Alloys not listed are to be agreed individually. Please speak to your Wieland sales representative.