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High-Performance Materials for the Aviation Industry

Ingots produced by continuous casting are superior to classical ingots. This can be seen at many steps of further processing.
We can now also offer these as standard for aluminium bronzes.

Aluminium bronze properties

Higher output
Solidification of the ingots in the cooler without contact with oxygen prevents oxide formation and gas inclusions in the ingots. This significantly reduces the amount of dross in further processing.

Reduced scrap
The purer the base material used in the casting process, the lower the reject rate due to foreign bodies or oxide inclusions.

Thin casting skin
Thinner casting skins are formed during further processing into semi-finished products or components. Casting close to final dimensions and reduced machining oversizes are possible. This reduces machining times and saves production costs.

Uniform material properties
Continuously cast ingots minimize foreign inclusions and inhomogeneities in the component. The mechanical properties are more uniform.

Our continuous cast ingots save costs where the end products take shape - in your production!

We supply aerospace grade alloys and special alloys of the highest quality. For the aerospace industry Wieland Prometa offers you high-quality semi-finished products in a wide range of dimensions.

The outstanding mechanical properties and a very good machinability make our products ideal materials for bushings, bearings and connections for the highest loads.

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Alloy NumberCompositionStandards



AMS 4616 F&G




NICU 102


Further alloys on request.

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