Drinking water

Water is vital and indispensable for everyday use. Whether for hygienically safe drinking water installations, the sustainable use of rainwater or in cooling and wastewater. Due to the natural material properties of copper, our branded copper tubes are perfectly suited for all these tasks. They comply with the regulatory requirements and are approved for all applications.

For a more sustainable future in construction.

With its 100 % share of recycled material, the cuprolife copper tube makes a sustainable difference, and thus makes a significant contribution to the advancement of building and construction as well as building services. 

Every cuprolife tube from Wieland is manufactured in keeping with the mass balance approach – using a process with 100 % recycled copper. As the starting point when verifying cuprolife, TÜV SÜD tested the procedure for calculating the 100 % recycled content*.


The new standard in copper tubes: cuprolife®.

Thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, cuprolife tubes exceed even the highest requirements. Optimal efficiency and reliability are guaranteed along with an exceptional service life. cuprolife tubes are universally usable. cuprolife is permanently in stock and can be supplied in any size from 6 x 1 mm to 159 x 3 mm.


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Plumbers have been relying on SANCO branded copper tubes for many years. They are very reliable, can be used for all areas of domestic installation and have more than proven themselves in practice. Whether drinking water supply (hot and cold), heating systems, oil, gas and liquid gas supplies as well as thermal solar systems: Wieland SANCO tubes are always the right choice and, of course, covered by the relevant regulations.

Hygienically safe

SANCO tubes in bars will in all cases be supplied with closed tube ends in the DVGW dimensions from 12 to 159 mm certified for drinking water in the future.

SANCO tubes in coils will be supplied - as usual - in suitable foil packaging. This means that the hygienic advantages of copper as a material can be exploited in a targeted manner and drinking water installations can be created with hygienically impeccable material right from the start. This offers maximum safety for the execution and ideal conditions for a correct handover, especially for hygiene-sensitive objects, whose acceptance may well include a check for sterility.

Everything from a single source

Tubes for all applications and in all dimensions from 6 to 159 mm are supplied from one stock. This means that both small and large objects can be realized in uniform quality and with one warranty partner.

Certainly safe

SANCO tubes are manufactured according to patented processes and prove their reliability every day. They offer all the advantages of copper tubes and, in addition, an extra plus in terms of safety. SANCO tubes comply with technical standards and regulations and offer the greatest possible safety in the long term.

Our SANCO tubes are compatible with all commercially available copper tube connectors. SANCO tubes thus offer maximum flexibility in the selection of the appropriate connection technology. In addition, universal compatibility offers reliable protection against mix-ups; there is no system constraint.

Wieland-Werke AG has been a partner of the ZVSHK for many years in terms of liability assumption declarations in order to safeguard the guild's specialist companies.

For drinking water installations in Austria, the relevant ÖVGW regulations must be observed.

WICU pipes are equipped with a protective coating before leaving the factory. For this reason, WICU tubes are also suitable for installation under plaster, in rooms with aggressive atmospheres, and as outdoor or underground pipelines. The requirements for external protection of gas and liquid gas installations according to TRGI or TRF are met with WICU pipes.

Uncomplicated installation

Installers can work with WICU tubes in the usual way without the need for expensive special tools, as the tubes in the WICU system are compatible with the fittings made of copper materials available on the market and can therefore be connected to each other regardless of the manufacturer.

Practical also for renovation

WICU tubes can also be used to save time when renovating old buildings. In addition to the technical aspects when used flush-mounted, the visual result of the WICU installation is also convincing when used surface-mounted, especially when hard rod tubes up to 54 mm are used.

The cuprotherm CTX tube is a weight-reduced, very flexible copper tube that can be processed very easily due to its special structure. The connection technology is based on an open system: the installer can choose between compression connectors from several suppliers that have been declared suitable by Wieland.

Convincing properties

Compared to classic copper tubes, the cuprotherm CTX tube weighs almost 50% less and is therefore much easier to handle. The tube can be cut with scissors. Deburring and calibration are performed in a single operation.

Metal pipe and metal connector ensure secure connection technology. The sealing element is thus embedded between precisely toleranced components made of metal, thus ensuring high reliability

Your advantage

The cuprotherm CTX tube also impresses with its attractive price. Due to the lower copper content, it is less expensive and less dependent on the current copper price trend.