Heating and cooling systems

Decreasing building energy requirements and the use of regenerative energy generation make surface heating and cooling systems ideal for use in buildings. The cuprotherm system variants represent a broad portfolio.

cuprotherm is the most widely installed surface heating system made of copper tubing. A material with tradition, combined with state-of-the-art technology, withstands even the highest demands. Durable and absolutely reliable in operation, that's what cuprotherm stands for - for the life of a house!

cuprotherm wet screed

The classic variant of underfloor heating offers architectural freedom and increased living comfort. It consists of an insulation layer, a classic screed as a load distribution layer and the top covering. In addition to the cuprotherm system structures, individual, variable substructures can also be selected depending on requirements. The situation is similar with the screeds. The wet system conforms to standards, yet can be designed very flexibly. Today's solutions make use of modern and innovative products such as the flexible and high-quality CTX tubes with a seamless drawn core made of copper.

cuprotherm mastic asphalt

Construction is always a race against time. Construction moisture and the long drying times of conventional screeds and especially flowing screeds delay construction progress. Meeting deadlines often becomes difficult. Guassasphalt screed is the best and fastest solution in this situation. In addition, this variant has a comparatively high thermal output due to the low screed thickness and direct embedding of the heating pipe.


Interesting for new construction and renovation. With a system structure of a minimum of 33 mm, cuprotherm-ekoBoden not only meets the requirements for the lowest possible floor structure. Little screed mass ensures fast-reacting underfloor heating. This is made possible by the use of the special cuprotherm nap foil in conjunction with a conventional screed and the proven and flexible cuprotherm CTX pipe 14x2 mm.


Flat, light and fast! The problem solver cuprotherm-ekoLight is an ultra-slim, thin-layer surface heating system that produces a temperature-controlled floor construction with just a few components. The special feature is the design of the load distribution layer. Here, a fast-responding and light system is created with minimal screed covering, while maintaining a comparatively high load-bearing capacity.


ZERO installation height! The cuprotherm MINI panel heating system requires no additional installation height for existing floors. Grooves are milled into the existing screed by machine, into which our branded cuprotherm CTX copper tubes are integrated. Professionally prepared screeds with a thickness of 35 millimeters or more are suitable for milling. All standard top coverings can be laid directly after the pipes have been installed. Cuprotherm-MINI, the ideal solution for incorporating the comfort of panel heating into existing buildings.

cuprotherm dry construction

The cuprotherm dry construction system is used in both existing and new buildings. Rapid construction progress is ensured without the additional introduction of construction moisture. Low mass ensures good controllability and a floor construction with low weight.

cuprotherm industrial floor

The installation of underfloor heating systems in commercial buildings is steadily increasing. With today's building standards, the efficient use of free waste heat, for example, creates additional incentives for the installation of high-performance panel heating. The wide range of pipe dimensions, the robustness of cuprotherm CTX pipes mean that a large number of industrial floor variants are possible, even with high traffic loads.

Wall panel heating is gaining popularity due to its pleasantly perceived radiant heat and optimal comfort. Even in ancient times, walls heated with "tubuli" were appreciated. This is due to the high level of radiation known from the sun, which occurs even at low air temperatures. Lower air temperatures, in turn, reduce ventilation heat losses and can thus provide significant energy savings.

Furthermore, there are many other reasons for wall heating. The drastically increased regulations, e.g. through the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) have led to relatively low heating loads in today's building stock. Direct heat transfer, in which the heating pipes are embedded in the interior plaster without cavities, is thermally favorable.

If high-quality floor coverings are to be retained, the wall surface can be used as a heating element. In the bathroom, the specific heating load can often not be achieved by the underfloor heating alone. Here, too, supplementary wall heating is ideal.

Wall heating and cooling with wet plaster

In buildings with limited wall space and a high proportion of windows or furniture, cuprotherm wall heating and cuprotherm underfloor heating can be combined as required due to the coordinated system design. The careful coordination of the individual system components and the careful selection of materials ensure long-term and particularly reliable operation.The cuprotherm wall heating system is manufactured on site using a sheathed branded copper tube, fixed to the wall and plastered. On-site installation with appropriate variable accessories allows flexible response to geometric conditions such as windows or existing installations.

cupronova wall heating in drywall construction

The wall heating elements are designed for dry construction and are already fully assembled. The inserted piping consists of the innovative flexible copper tubes with firmly adhering white sheathing. Due to the ideal material properties of copper for heating systems, the additional, extended cupronova system warranty takes effect when the complete heating system is executed with copper pipes.

Copper is the ideal material for heating system installations: its extreme temperature resistance, diverse and secure connection options, mechanical stability and pressure resistance, as well as a wide range of fittings and connectors enable solutions for all heating system installations. In addition to SANCO and WICU tubes, cuprotherm CTX tubes or flexibly insulated ring tubes such as WICU Flex are also used in the heating sector. Especially for radiator connections, the cuprotherm radiator connection system, which is tailored to the needs of heating, provides an optimum solution for fast and economical installation.