Machinery and Plant Technology - Efficient heat transfer for your unique application

What can you expect to gain from our unique industry know-how in the fields of machinery and plant technology?


Each of your products is optimized to match its specific use. This means the heat exchanger also has to be customized to fit. To support you with this, we tap into our extensive portfolio of tube surfaces and materials, as well as our cross-industry expertise in heat and forming technology. This guarantees one thing: the most compact and efficient – and thus the most economical – solution for your particular application.


What solutions can we offer you?

A multifaceted spectrum of finned tubes, enhanced surface tubes, and safety tubes in addition to heat exchangers for cooling, heating, and controlling the temperature of various media.


What application areas do our solutions cover?

  • Vessel and apparatus engineering
  • Oil cooling and thermoregulation
  • Compressed air cooling
  • Heat recovery
  • Mining and tunnel climatisation

How do you benefit from our made-to-measure solutions?

You tell us your requirements and we will advise you on which heating technology solution would be best for you. Our aim is to go beyond simply offering you a solution that meets all of your requirements – we’d like to find the solution that’s most convenient for you, one that you can install and forget about. That’s why we’ll work with you to find the most economical solution that’s also durable and robust.

Our services

  • Widest range of materials in the industry
  • One-of-a-kind expertise in heating and forming technology
  • Development of innovative surfaces and heat exchanger geometries

Your benefits

  • Ultimate efficiency thanks to comprehensive, tailored solutions
  • High quality and extreme robustness
  • Ready-to-install solutions for seamless series production


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