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The right solution for any requirement. Heat exchangers made by Wieland Thermal Solutions are marked by their compact, yet highly robust design.


In addition to our in-stock finned tube coils, we also offer customized versions of our heat exchangers. Our expertise in heat transfer and forming technologies – coupled with modern design and construction methods – flows into all of our products.

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Coaxial heat exchanger WKE | WKC

Wieland WRK

Wieland safety heat exchanger

Finned tube heat exchanger WRW

Customized heat exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers

In coaxial heat exchangers, fluids are ideally conducted in counter-flow directions. The Wieland WKE and WKC series have been optimized for the condensation or evaporation of refrigerants and are used in reciprocating chillers and heat pumps.


Your advantages at a glance

  • High specific power due to optimized inner tubes
  • Flow guidance in counterflow
  • Insensitive to frost
  • Low fouling tendency
  • Long service life
  • Reversible operation possible
  • Standard designs from stock


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Data sheet WKC | WKE
Our wholesaler for standard heat exchanger

Calculate your coaxial heat exchanger directly online:

WRK finned tube heat exchangers are suitable for efficient direct condensation and evaporation in heat pump buffer tanks. The inner grooved surface of the used finned tubes optimize the heat transfer. Thus highest COP-values are possible even with smallest temperature differences.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Efficient: Highest COP values due to direct integration of the heat exchanger in the storage tank
  • Filling volume optimized: Smallest refrigerant volumes due to compact design
  • Easy handling: Easy replacement and maintenance


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Data sheet WRK
Our wholesaler for standard heat exchanger

Hygienic and compact: Wieland Safety Heat Exchangers are ideal for the direct heating of water for domestic use by condensing the refrigerant within the tank. The double-walled model offers additional safety against contamination and complies with the guidelines for ensuring the quality of drinking water.


4 good reasons for the Wieland safety heat exchanger series

  • Cost-effective | Benefit from higher performance with the lowest refrigerant and material consumption!
  • Efficient | Achieve the highest COP values according to DIN EN 16147 by installing the heat exchanger directly in the storage tank.
  • Safe | Rely on absolutely reliable media separation through double tubes
  • Easy handling | Reduce your effort for installation and replacement.


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More about direct condensation in the storage tank
Data sheet Safety Heat Exchanger
Our wholesaler for standard heat exchanger


Storage heating, circulation heating of domestic water, protecting solid fuel boilers from overheating, or controlling the temperature of oils and emulsions: With our WRW series of heat exchangers, you are putting your trust in highly developed, compact solutions that are ready to install.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Compact design due to high thermal conductivity of copper combined with increased heat transfer area
  • Proven corrosion resistance
  • Retrofittable due to compact spiral design
  • Standard designs from stock


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Data sheet WRW
Our wholesaler for standard heat exchanger

Figure out with us the best heat exchanger design for your heat-transfer challenge

The requirements of heat exchangers are as diverse as their applications - this is why nine out of ten heat exchangers we deliver, are customized to our clients' needs. Together with you, we develop innovative heat exchanger concepts that clearly set you apart from other manufacturers in terms of efficiency, compact design and service life: from customized fittings for optimum installation through to the complete heat exchanger design in the material that best suits your application. For challenging operations like the use of natural refrigerants, e.g. in transcritical CO2 systems (R744) with high operating pressures up to 130 bar, or for applications with propane (R290), ammonia (R717) and water (R718), we serve you with our knowledge from the very beginning of your design.


Our offer

  • Together we clarify your heat-transfer and design challenge,
  • we design the best solution using our CAD heat-transfer and forming technology know-how,
  • we create functional prototypes and
  • measure their performance at our in-house thermal engineering laboratory,
  • supporting you from the design of the prototype through to series production.


Your application

We are delivering customized solutions to fulfill your requirements – less refrigerant volume and material usage, a very compact design for your special construction space or higher safety aspects. With this flexibility we are well prepared for your special applications, for example the use of natural high pressure refrigerants or the advancement of an ambitious laser gas cooling.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Solution for your specific heat-transfer challenge
  • Compact solutions using as little material as possible
  • Ready-to-install solutions for your trouble-free series production
  • Optimal thermal characteristics at low pressure drops
  • Engineering and manufacturing from a single source


Our materials

Depending on your requirements regarding corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity as well as mechanical and processing properties, we choose the most suitable material.


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Customized Heat Exchangers
Safety heat exchanger for domestic hot water heat pump

Design your S&T heat exchangers directly online:


Compact sizes, standard sizes – Up to 4000 kW!

Dry Expansion Evaporator

Our dry expansion evaporators guarantee the best performance

  • Internally finned tubes are optimized for flow boiling: high exchange coefficients are obtained with relatively low pressure drops.
  • The refrigerant distribution system allows the tube bundle to be fed uniformly.
  • Solid and customized construction based on project conditions.
  • Possibility of construction with Cu-DHP copper bundle, CuNi90 / 10 cupronickel, 316L stainless steel.
  • Wide range of sizes: diameters from ø194 mm to ø660 mm, lengths from about 1500 to 4085 mm.
  • Available optionals: elastomeric foam insulation, electric heaters, pressure gauges, water filters.


Single-pass counter-current evaporators

In these evaporators, the counter-current configuration optimizes the temperature profile between the two fluids, in order to obtain the maximum local heat exchange coefficient and facilitate the achievement of the desired superheat on suction.

Countercurrent evaporator
  • Powers from 50 kW up to 2500 kW
  • Temperature approach up to 2K
  • Up to four refrigerant circuits

Countercurrent Evaporator 194.pdf
Countercurrent Evaporator 273.pdf
Countercurrent Evaporator 324.pdf
Countercurrent Evaporator 406.pdf
Countercurrent Evaporator 508.pdf
Countercurrent Evaporator 660.pdf


U-Tube bundle evaporators

In these evaporators the refrigerant flows in a bundle of U-shaped tubes; the refrigerant connections are therefore on a single head. Optimized for R410A, R32, R452B, R454B or for low temperature operation, the EV.U guarantees optimal mass flows, such as to guarantee oil return even with scroll compressors.

U-Bundle evaporator
  • Powers from 50 kW up to 2200 kW
  • Temperature approach up to 2-2.5K
  • Up to four refrigerant circuits
  • Higher mass flows (minimum partialization for lower circuit)
  • Design pressure up to 50 bar

U-Bundle Evaporator 194
U-Bundle Evaporator 219
U-Bundle Evaporator 273
U-Bundle Evaporator 324
U-Bundle Evaporator 559
U-Bundle Evaporator 667


Heat Pumps

Dry expansion evaporators can also be used in condensing mode, for heat pump and/or refrigerant cycle inversion systems. The good efficiencies and the versatility of configuration make them excellent alternatives where you want to standardize the layout of the exchangers in low and high pressure circuits. Available with design pressures up to 50 bar and temperatures up to 150° C, Wieland Provides heat pumps are in step with the market needs for low GWP refrigerants or natural refrigerants, such as the increasingly used propane.


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