Insights through Wieland Virtual Products


Developing new products can be one of the most challenging and expensive activities for any company. To help you overcome these challenges better, Wieland Virtual Products accompanies your development process from start to finish.


Why Wieland?


With our expertise in material sciences, forming technology, physics, chemistry and more, we can help you answer complex questions on your way to developing a new product.


  • Accelerate your time to market
  • Cut your development costs by approx. 20%
  • Reduce interruptions of production

Virtual Products at a glance


We help you overcome one-time hurdles within your product development process.

We determine the material parameters and simulate your production processes. Based on this numerical analysis, we can help you optimize processes, tool design and material selection. If needed, we examine additional material properties in our accredited laboratory.


We help you overcome single-time hurdles within your product development process. 


Over the past 200 years, we have fine-tuned our knowledge around both our products and how they are processed. With this partnership program, you will benefit from support from our entire R&D department along your entire product development process.


Three simulation engineers backed by the whole R&D Department. 



We believe the biggest game changer in innovation and product development are partnerships. This is why we started Wieland Virtual Products. We are a dedicated team made up of scientists from the area of forming technologies and multiphysics simulation. We are continuously working on expanding our knowledge and are always open to explore new topics in a pilot project with you. 
Additionally, to our expertise, you get access to the whole Wieland Research and Development Team including our accredited laboratory. 


Empowering Sucess. Together.