Boosting efficiency and reliability on the road, on rails and across the oceans


With a unique and broad access to key technologies Wieland is a long-standing partner of the automotive industry. We develop and produce reliable parts and key components for the e-machine, the powertrain and the battery. Comprehensive materials know-how, years of experience in stamping & forming technology as well as with laser welding of copper materials are also the basis for the development of very special copper strip for power electronics - for best conductive connections on the power boards.


For a safe and efficient railway infrastructure, we have developed Austroroll switch points,   maintenance-free devices, robust and failure-resistant. Lubrication of bearing plates is no longer necessary and the changeover resistance can be reduced by up to 60%.


As corrosion resistance is key for offshore applications, Wieland has developed a special copper alloy under the name of Eucaro. Tubes and fittings made of CuNi10Fe1,6Mn (EUCARO10) are today benchmark components for shipbuilding and offshore applications.