Roller device for railway points


Maintenance-free, robust and failure-resistant - Austroroll sets standards for maintenance-free switch points for railway devices. By using Austroroll the lubrication of the bearing plates is no longer necessary. The world's only permanently elastically mounted roller system reduces the changeover resistance by up to 60%. Maintenance costs, malfunctions and ultimately delays in train traffic are thus considerably reduced.


By using Austroroll, more than 20 liters of lubricant can be saved annually for each switch. This is not only environmental friendly, it also protects the permant way and increases the customer's work safety. The special Austroroll design guarantees that the switch blade device over the roller into its end position without wear and extremely low friction and no longer slides. Since 1992, the roller system has been continuously developed together with our partners and installed worldwide.


Video instructions for the assembly of Austroroll you can find here


Lifelong flexible springs

guarantees the permanent contact of the roller with the tongue foot and thus an optimal rolling up of the switch tongue.


Austroroll components

Made of corrosion-resistant and high-strength materials.


Economical and robust

A short amortization period of 2 years, low installation costs and a long service life make Austroroll an economical solution - whether on high-speed lines, in regional networks, metros or industrial railways. Since 2012 also movable centrepieces can be equipped with Austroroll®-HSR.



Austroroll® - The maintenance-free roller device


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