Tailor-made solutions for the heat transfer challenges of tomorrow

With our profound knowledge of the industry, our expertise in heat transfer, manufacturing and forming technology and the exchange within our networks in industry, universities and research institutes, we are already working today on solutions for your requirements of tomorrow.


Thermal solutions are most efficient if they are tailored precisely to the conditions at the place of use. With this goal in mind, we develop and produce high-performance tubes and heat exchangers for air conditioning, refrigeration and heating technology, for machinery & plant technology as well as for process technology applications. Customers from all over the world trust our heat transfer solutions. Because they are economical, safe and durable. And because they enable energy to be used ever more efficiently.


High-performance tubes

Optimized surfaces

Right solution

Perfect design

For compact and efficient shell and tube exchangers: high-performance tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration.

Optimized surfaces for high efficient heat transfer: for a wide range of applications with a great variety of materials

The right solution for every requirement: heat exchangers from Wieland Thermal Solutions have a compact design and are very robust.

The perfect design for your heat transfer challenge: the requirements on heat exchangers are as diverse as their applications – this is why nine out of ten heat exchangers  we deliver have a customized design.

Our developments provide answers to your questions of tomorrow

Innovation is the driving force of our business. Every year we invest more than three percent of our sales in research and development. Our development teams leverage state-of-the-art laboratory and testing equipment to push the boundaries in heat transfer and forming technologies. We’re guided by the questions that concern you:


  • How will you face the future requirements for resource conservation and ever-increasing energy-efficiency?
  • Which developments will give you that decisive competitive edge in your market?
  • How can we save you even more energy, materials, and space for even greater cost reductions?

We place an emphasis on free thinking and innovation in our development along with fast, reliable, professional processes - guided by strict project management. We always keep ease of installation in mind, even offering off-the-shelf products that are ready to install.

Ivan Di Stefano
Executive Vice President