Wieland acquires remaining shares of E. Jordan Brookes

  • Full ownership of E. Jordan Brookes expands Wieland’s product portfolio with engineered industrial plastics, and broadens the geographic spread of our product and service offerings

“Another terrific complement to Wieland Metal Services, the acquisition grows our product base via industrial plastics and provides an entrance into new copper-based products not traditionally serviced.  We’re excited to offer our new customer base access to Wieland’s worldwide network, technical know-how and broad product portfolio,” said Greg Keown, President of Wieland Metal Services.  Wieland Metal Services’ large geographical presence across North America will be utilized to provide premier supply chain services to end-users.

E. Jordan Brookes, based in Santa Fe Springs, California currently offers a range of engineered industrial plastics and specialty copper-based alloys to its global customer base.  Started in 1936, they have been a respected distributor for over 80 years.  Over the next couple of months, E. Jordan Brookes will transition and operate as Wieland Brookes.

Wieland is a 200-year old, family-owned global technology and service leader in the brass and copper industry, known for excellent customer service and innovative solutions.  The move stems from Wieland’s pursuit of specific growth opportunities and expansion of its strategies across North America, Europe, and Asia.

E. Jordan Brookes customers and end-users can expect Wieland to meet their continued needs for high-quality copper, copper alloy, industrial plastics and other value-added services in North America and across the world through expanded access to Wieland’s world-class manufacturing capabilities, reliable distribution network, and excellent customer service.

The transaction between Wieland and E. Jordan Brookes closed on 8/17/2020.

[Image] With the acquisition of Marjan Inc. and Nasco Incorporated, Wieland initiates the strategic expansion into hot dip tinning in North America

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